Bumped Book Report

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Why this book?
I choose this book because I was curious about what viruses some think may come in the future. It also was intriguing because of its glorification of teen pregnancy, which is not held on such a high pedestal today in the present American society. I was interested to see how McCafferty was able to portray teen pregnancy as such a positive, normal, desired occurrence.
A virus has swept the world making people over the age of 18 infertile. Since adults can no longer have their own babies, teenagers are paid money to conceive and act a surrogate for the couples. RePros are professional surrogate who are paid the most and often specifically picked and matched with ...view middle of the document...

The book takes a drastic turn when Harmony impersonates Melody in front of Lib, Melody’s agent, and goes on a date with Jondoe, the most desired male donor on the market. Harmony knows what she is doing is wrong, but hopes she can deliver the word of God to Jondoe too. Melody finds out that Harmony has impersonated her, but before she can get to Harmony, Harmony sleeps with Jondoe, without telling him that she is not Melody, and they conceive a child. When Melody and Zen get to Harmony, Melody has relized she loves Zen and does not agree with pregging for money so she forgives Harmony. However, while Melody is taking Zen to school to do damage control, Harmony and Ram, who turns out to be her husband, return to Goodside to raise the child as their own. When Melody returns and realizes Harmony is gone, she decided to go after her, but is stopped when Jondoe appears at her door confessing his love for Harmony. Together they decide they must go after her and bring her back to Otherside.
Medical Theories:
 “The Virus”, which causes people to go irreversibly infertile between their 18th and 20th birthdays, is the main medical discussion in this book. It is the reason that teenagers, particularly Melody, are being paid millions of dollars to act as a surrogate for couples over the age of 18. The cures for this virus are suggested to be a partial reproductive organ transplantation, artificial biological conception, or petri-pregging. However, Melody also suggests that the reason for the people of Goodside’s maintained fertility is because the women their where veils and gloves.
 Tocin, is used and mentioned constantly throughout the book as a drug that puts one at ease. It is used at the MasSex parties to ease the tension and referred to by Melody as the “love drug”. It allows one to open up and, in high doses, become sexually attracted to someone of the opposite sex to increase their chances of conceiving a child. This may be the equivalent to Oxytocin produced by the hypothalamus, but in pill or powder form like other drugs.
 Humerall and Obliterall are two drugs used to sooth Shoko during and after she gives birth. She claims that the Obliterall is why she cannot remember anything from her delivery, especially almost dying, and the Humerall keeps her calm and content after her life-threatening delivery.
 HGH, according to Zen, leads to an increase in the height of an individual, but a decrease in their brain size and IQ. Used by models for advertising for positive pregnancy, or for aesthetically pleasing sperm donors who young...

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