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Running head: CASE STUDY: BURBERRY 1CASE STUDY: Burberry 8Case Study: BurberryCase Study: BurberryCompare Burberry's market position relative to that of its competitors including Polo, Coach, Armani, and Gucci. Is Burberry's competitive position sustainable over long term? Why or why not?When repositioning the brand, Bravo and her team noticed available niches between Polo Ralph Lauren/Giorgio Armani in apparel and Coach/Gucci in accessories (Moon, 2004). Relative to its competitors, Burberry is presented as 'accessible luxury' (Moon, 2004). Burberry's new competitive positioning is seen as sustainable over long term. What separates Burberry from other luxury brands is the functional ...view middle of the document...

Bravo brought in a top management team made up of A-list industry talent-people who knew what customers wanted, what price points people wanted, and where the gaps were (Moon, 2004). Also, some cosmetic changes were made such as changing the name from Burberry's to Burberry (Moon, 2004). Additionally, Bravo and her team began attracting a younger customer base with updated product lines and new price points (Moon, 2004). Adding Burberry Prorsum (a high-profile, high-end brand done in a first-class way), allowed Burberry to showcase its new image to the top industry journalists and get editorial press for its collections (Moon, 2004). Hiring Stella Tenant and Kate Moss as faces of Burberry also communicated its more modern and fashion-oriented side (Moon, 2004). Bravo's team also reined in many of the older licensing agreements to curb inconsistencies in price, design, and quality across markets (Moon, 2004). This meant tighter control over distribution (Moon, 2004). Many decisions have attributed to Burberry's (and Bravo's teams') successful status success within the fashion industry and hopefully this will not be the end to its surmount.Should Burberry be aggressively transitioning to a more restrained use of a check? What effect will this decision have on the long-term sustainability of the brand?Yes and no. If Burberry becomes lax with its use of check, then more counterfeit goods will be produced, thus resulting in a cheapening of the brand. Bravo felt it was important that the company transition to a more restrained use of the check (Moon, 2004). After those five years of re-branding by Bravo, the company continued with it's "check under cover philosophy and discipline (Moon, 2004). On the subject of long-term sustainability, Burberry must think of its consumers. Since many become invigorated when purchasing a Burberry scarf with the infamous check pattern, certain merchandise must continue to print the check pattern. There are some customers who buy Burberry specifically for the check (Moon, 2004). As mentioned earlier, all classes of people are shopping everywhere (Moon, 2004). Therefore, Burberry must not rein in too much of its control over the check or else its customers may not be pleased with the lack of the visual fulfillment. Realistically, check management is a daily discipline (Moon, 2004), so Burberry must decide which merchandise need the check and which do not.Describe Burberry's customer base?Burberry hit a low point when it became overly reliant on a narrow base of core products and its customer base became heavily concentrated among older males and Asian tourists (Moon, 2004). Much exclusivity was lost and the Far East accounted for a disproportionate 75% of sales (Moon, 2004).Who is Burberry's target customer?In repositioning the brand, Bravo and her team decided to reach out to a new target market while keeping its core customer base. Upon surveying the market, Bravo's team decided to target a younger customer through the...

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