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Burden Of Beauty Essay

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Rarely is one individual blessed with both brains and beauty. Most people are born with one or the other; those having brains sometimes are unfortunate in the “looks” department and those blessed with beauty can be unfortunate in the “smarts” department. As with most things in life, there are both pros and cons to being beautiful. In certain incidences beauty can be a blessing, but in others it can be a curse.
Beautiful people suffer a lot from stereotypes. They are often seen as “bimbos”, “airheads,” or “dingy” and others may assume that beautiful people are rude, stuck up, and/or think they are better than everyone else. Assumptions are made about beautiful people before someone ...view middle of the document...

For instance, if a group of average guys head out for a night on the town with their good looking friend, girls are going to be drawn to them as a group because of the one handsome individual. While the good lucking guy gets his “pick” of the girls, his friends still end up with the remaining girls in the group. Beautiful girls also have to deal with the jealousy of other girls who are not as beautiful as they are. Jealousy is a mean and ugly emotion. Often a beautiful girl will not have many female friends because the average girls see the beautiful girl as a threat. For instance, if group of girls go out for a night on the town, perhaps to a club, the beautiful girl will get the attention of guys while the average girls will be left standing alone at the bar sipping on a cocktail. This becomes a burden when you have no girlfriends to go shopping with or to do things girls enjoy doing. But beauty is not never ending. One day we all wake up old and wrinkly, unable to recognize the reflection in the mirror staring back at us. Beautiful people are not immune from growing old. Beautiful people do not accept old age as well are the average person does. They often spend thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgery and procedures trying to hold onto their youth. This make the aging process extremely difficult and depressing. Beautiful people are use to being the center of attention and the aging process robs them of the attention they crave. Trying to hold onto youth can be an extremely depressing and financial burden.
Beautiful people are used to having people cater to them, and rarely learn to take care of themselves. They spend their youth being taken care of and do not learn to take care of themselves. They often use their looks to get ahead in society, and when they lose their looks due to the aging process they have a difficult time adjusting. They find themselves alone and unable to care for themselves.
The average person will often stereotype a beautiful person. Most beautiful people are rude, stuck up & just not...

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