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When falsely accused individuals are later exonerated from prison due to the new DNA tests available in today's society, they face many challenges with resocialization and re-entry into the real world. Whether they re-marry, acquire a job or stay with a family member after imprisonment for nearly a decade, they all seem to have one thing in common; they all carry the burden of innocence.According to the "Burden of Innocence", an example of a man falsely accused who had not broken the rules but was treated as if he had done so was a man named Ricky Daye. The only evidence against him was a woman who identified him in a picture line- up. He was charged of rape and spent ten years in a California prison. I found it very interesting how a deputy mentioned what depravity human beings are capable of when no one is watching, for example, Ricky Daye stated that to maintain his sanity and self worth in the prison ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, another falsely accused individual according to "Burden of Innocence" was Neil Miller who also had a difficult time adjusting back into society. He was rejected from jobs everywhere he went whether it was a dishwashing job or a Burger King job. Neil states that he would rather be in jail because he could choose from a variety jobs in the prison. The fact that the civil justice system will not give any compensation to Neil Miller or Ricky Daye is incredibly unfair. I believe that an individual who is kept in confinement for a long period of time is somewhat likely to suffer mentally and physically, and no compensation for psychotherapy or medical treatment is unreasonable. Another consequence of Neil Miller's re-entry into society is his acts of violence: one act in a liquor store and another in his sister's house.On the contrary, an example of a success story that was exonerated, pardoned and compensated was Anthony Robinson according to the "Burden of Innocence" who was also falsely accused of rape. After serving ten years in prison, he was granted parole due to overcrowding in the Texas prison. Anthony Robinson worked any job he could find to help pay a lawyer to help clear his name. This is an example of conformity: the acceptance of cultural goals and pursuit through legit means to obtain these goals. Also, Senator Rodney Ellis helped pass his bill regarding compensation for the wrongly convicted through the help of Anthony Robinson as his "poster child". The bill was approved and it awarded Anthony 25,000 for each year he was in prison.Although there has been a success story of Anthony Robinson and two other less successful stories of Neil Miller and Ricky Daye, these three individuals will always be affected by their resocialization in a state prison. It will change the way they act, think and dream according to Robinson. Most importantly, I believe that no compensation will ever come close to repay the years and years these men faced behind bars."Burden of Innocence". Front Line. 1 May 2003. 9 Jan 2008.

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