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Bureaucratic Control And Its Changes With Management Techniques

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This essay will explain the definition of bureaucratic control and some changes happened on it as management techniques alter. We will firstly illustrate how control changes as management move towards to human relation management. Then, the changes of controls when empowerment is imposed on management and workers become self-managed. However, no matter how bureaucratic controls have changed the controls or the rules always exist.
I will start the definition of bureaucratic control from Weber’s bureaucracy organization. According to Weber, bureaucracy is assumed the most efficient type where workers are all working under an ‘ideal’ situation. One of the characteristics of bureaucracy is that there are well developed rules, procedures and hierarchy in the business, what worker do is finish work, solve problem and behave followed by these rules (Akrani 2011). This is what we called bureaucratic control system. Droege(n.d.) states that bureaucratic controls have levels of authority, people as managers in higher level have right to set rules and procedures. In a word, bureaucratic control can be defined as organizations control workers through defined policies, rules, hierarchies, rewards or sanction system to achieve efficiency (Ganly 2010). Therefore, bureaucratic controls clarify the way to behave in an organization. However, it removes worker discretions, it is short of creative, and adaptability, what the formal rules set is the things you have to follow. Furthermore, what Weber assumed the ‘ideal’ situation is hard to achieve since workers sometimes resist to the rules. Therefore, there are some development and changes make on it.
Control systems have changed with different management techniques, which pays more attention on human relations. Two control approaches are introduced based on human relations management, which are commitment control and just be yourself approach. As mentioned before, the traditional bureaucratic controls seem dehumanized. The introduction of this high commitment controls are more flexible, more efficient and focus more on human relations. Walton (1985) illustrates this through an example of two chemical production factories in America. The first factory divides their workers into small groups with approximately 10 workers who are all responsible for the assigned tasks and there is less management. The second factory adopts the traditional control where each worker is assigned to different tasks and is forced to achieve the minimum production level. Managers play a role to supervise the performance of workers and regulate day-to-day tasks. To compared these two plants, Walton (1985) finds that workers in first plant are more motivated and more innovative. Moreover, workers have high satisfaction and low absenteeism. While workers under traditional control system are low in performance in terms of absenteeism, satisfaction and usually show the resistance to the standards and rules. In addition, Fleming and Sturdy...

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