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Buried Treasures Essay

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The property did not sell in 2012 and, in keeping with my promise, Cathy Garlock became our new realtor at the end of June 2013. On September tenth we were away in Lake Placid, in order to avoid dwelling on the fact that it was the day before Coty would have been twenty-eight, when I received a call from Cathy saying a Mr. Stephen Brown had made a serious offer for the property. For the next twenty-four hours, Kira and I considered the proposal, which was higher than the reserve we had set for the ill-fated auction. We accepted the offer, which meant that our casual approach to removing contents a little at a time suddenly had a deadline.
Most of the Alson Clark artwork had already been ...view middle of the document...

A corrugated sheet of metal sealed the bottom while a flywheel and handle were affixed to the side of this early ancestor of modern home appliances. The flywheel drove a cog that spun what looked like a suspended footstool back and forth inside the tub. The clever device was effective because the five rounded wooden pegs of the footstool-like apparatus swirled the clothes around in the soapy water.
In short, this room was so full of assorted clutter that it was difficult getting the door open much less move around inside the room. The two closets were filled full-to-overflowing, and the last time we had made any attempt to access this space was during a 2009 visit by a group representing the Alexandria Township Historical Society that included Rhea Arnot and Trish Tague. Susie Smith joined the scavenger hunt in order to file a firsthand report on the upcoming exhibit in her capacity as the editor of Thousand Islands Life magazine. They had come to see what relevant river related artwork was at Comfort Island. We had agreed to loan materials for the 2009 - 2010 exhibit featuring my great uncle, Alson S. Clark. As I dug my way through one obstacle after another, I gained an appreciation for what it might be like to return to a dwelling after a tornado had deposited a houseful of belongings into one surviving room.
Our visitors were aware that some of my great uncle’s paintings were quite valuable, and they made comments like, “You have got be kidding” as I pulled another landscape oil painting from the recesses of a closet or found a couple tucked in a corner behind a trunk. In addition to paintings I found an assortment of his sketchbooks, an easel, pigments and even one of his palettes.
I was sifting through a box where I’d found a couple of...

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