Burn Baby Burn A Creative Piece Of Writing Based On St. Joan By Bernard Shaw

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Coursework - Saint Joan"Burn, Baby, Burn"The market square in Rouen. A large heap of wood is stacked in the middle of the square arranged for a long awaited burning. The execution of Joan The Maid. In front of the pyre a few chairs are set, so the high society can watch the spectacle in peace and quiet.Across the market square many little stands have been erected, so that spectators can refresh themselves before, during and after the event. Raw food is sold for onlookers to grill themselves once the fire is ignited. Tradesmen offer plenty of cold drinks to ensure that spectators will not become dehydrated as a result of the extreme heat. Furthermore protective goggles and asbestos blankets are on sale to prevent the crowd from becoming scorched.One of the biggest stands is a stand that sells fan articles, such as banners, scarves and t-shirts, saying "BURN, BABY, BURN"As the event draw nearer, more and more people gather around the pile of wood to secure a good position to witness the event.A loud trumpet is heard as the procession enters the market square. The crowd starts waving its banners, flags and scarves and starts to sing "BURN, BABY, BURN".Joan, wearing a shirt that matches her trousers, looks at the crowd and says pitifully:Joan: You don't know any better. How should you. I forgive you. My voices told me that this would happen and that I should forgive these poor people who don't know any better. You may only remember me now as an old flame.(A guard walking next to Joan hears her and replies angrily)Guard: Shut up, you daughter of Satan. The only thing that we'll remember will be your cries for mercy and how they fuelled the atmosphere. Nobody is going to listen to you, we will be too busy cooking our sausages and baked potatoes.You were grilled by the Englishman, grilled by the French, grilled by the Church. Now you will be grilled by the executioner and I will grill my sausages whist he is grilling you.The people will really be heated up by the fire and give you a red hot send off, ( with an evil laugh) so try to burn slowly to give us value for money.As Joan is tied onto the heap of wood she once mores looks at the crowed pitifully and saysJoan: You poor fellows, if you had this unity in sport, you could win any match. Don't you understand the English are the enemies? The Australians are only good at barbecues but that does not...

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