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Burnout Essay

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Today, after almost 6 weeks, I'm finally recovered form burnout syndrome. It all started that thursday afternoon when I felt no energy in my body. I needed to lay dawn and take a rest. Exhaustion came out of nowhere and I hoped resting will help. Next day I was tired and emotionally exahusted again. I felt it again the next day and day after that. I was sleepeing for 16 hours a day. Everything felt incredibly exahusting: picking up a phone or just watching the computer screen. I coudnt eat, food was repulsive. I couldnt socialize, my body was in pshisical pain. Not depressed, but simply without any energy or will. Everyday routine seemed impossible to be done. Every single thing took incredible amount of my energy. Just like that. Out of nowhere. In one single day. It happened again.

A year ago I felt similar. I was working in event managment. Job was wonderful, very challenging and creative. I was working too much, barely handling with family resposibilities and I didn't have time to rest. I was not getting enough sleep and taking on too many responsibilities, without enough help from others. But it was also people who made it very stressful. I dont know how you are handling it, but I'm sensitive to other peoples emotions. I usually tend to remain calm, but if somebody is panicking and reacting with hysteria it's other peoples emotions that get sucked under my skin. It's like a chemistry oveflowing my body. Compassion and empathy are surely wonderful things, but they can have a bad side effect. It's a pressure. Burnous is about emotional pressure that leads first from emotional and later to physical exhaustion. It causes hormonal imbalance and on a long run it leads to burnout. Interestingly I remember being calmer in life saving situations than I was in collaboration with people.

Is any of these sentances is describing you?

“I’m frustrated. It’s getting impossible to do a good job, and the situation just keeps getting worse.”
“I have lost my enthusiasm for work I really liked.”
“I’m feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, overworked and trapped. There’s no way out.”

than there is a big chance for you sufering from burnout. Please do yourself a favor and seek medical help.

Burnout can lead to autoimmune disorder and it can be lethal.

Burnout is one of the leading health problems from people from 35-65. Almost every second person in that age experienced burnout. Excessive workload and time pressure, are consistently related to burnout. If you are working with people, especially if your job demands empathy chances for burnout are bigger (f.e. doctors have a highest rate of burnout)

So what can be done?

1. Sleep

Sleep as much as you can. Burnout can be lethal, sleep is a life saviour.Dont fool your body with caffeine or energy drinks. Each body has certain amount of energy. If you want to increase it do sports regularly (if you are not completely burned out). Have enough of sleep. Don't do any work after 10.00 p.m.. This is a time...

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