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Burnout In Nursing: What A Nurse Must Know To Rekindle The Flame

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The nursing profession is notorious for burnout. The place of work, scheduling, compassion fatigue and lack of support all affect the nurses’ risk of becoming burnt out. Nurses and nurse managers should be well educated on the signs of burnout in order to correct it as soon as it becomes an issue. There are many ways for nurse managers to help prevent burnout amongst their staff and there are significant benefits in reducing the burnout rate. Peery (2010, pg. 53) summarized nursing as:
Nursing is a nurturing profession, and caring is an essential component of its practice. Caring for others, however, is stressful. The goal of nursing is to help people gain a higher degree of harmony ...view middle of the document...

The number one sign of burnout is stress. Stress in nurses can be caused by work overload due to understaffing, not enough time to complete tasks, lack of support from managers, exposure to workplace bullying and/ or violence, sleep deprivation, not enough opportunities for promotion and dealing with challenging or dying patients. Other signs of burnout in nurses may include: insomnia, depression, anxiety, alcohol or substance abuse, obesity, and experiencing frequent illness (Minority Nurse, 2014). Nurses experiencing burnout may also start struggling within their personal relationship due to exhaustion, stress and anxiety.
The place one works can largely impact satisfaction regarding the work done and drive up stress levels. There has been shown to have a strong correlation between the workplace setting and the risk of burnout (Dickinson and Wright, 2008). Four areas of nursing claimed to be the most stressful for a nurse are forensic mental health nursing, residential elder care and army hospital practice. Other areas of nursing that may heavily affected by burnout are critical care areas. Being aware of this can help nurses in these areas be proactive and protect themselves against burnout.
Nurses caring for psychiatric patients on a forensic unit are more susceptible to burnout due to the intense nature of the unit. The patients on a forensic unit are there for being “criminally insane” (Dickinson and Wright, 2008). These patients are much more likely to show violence and aggression towards the nurses on staff. This aggression causes nurses stress level to raise leading to burnout. A nurse in forensic mental health nursing must be able to cope with stress in a healthy manner. The nurse staff at forensic mental health centers often times experience threats from the patients. Nurses in this field must have outstanding psychological and physical strength in order to perform at their best. The nurses fear retaliation from their patients which also causes anxiety. The nurses of forensic mental health areas of nursing are often seen as having low professional status because they tend to be more loud, abrupt and straight forward in order to keep the inmates under control. This stereotype can cause the nurses of these facilities to have a decrease in job satisfaction because they want to feel like professionals who want to grow in their area of work. Dickinson wrote, “There is a physical depletion, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, and the development of negative self-concepts and negative attitudes to work, life and other people.” This quote directly sums up how the nurses of...

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