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The Rise Of Electronic Dance Music And Musicians Gaining Success Via Youtube

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I have been asked to identify and evaluate two important current developments in the music industry. I will be discussing the rise of electronic dance music and also the growing number of musicians gaining success via YouTube.
Electronic music is created using electronic musical instruments and electronic music technology, where production is concerned. “Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is surging to the forefront of mainstream tastes. If you have turned on the radio, watched TV, or attended a music festival in the last several years you have likely noticed DJs and producers flooding the market.” (Ramsay, 2012)
This music was not always so popular, but from the late 1960s when music technology was more affordable, music produced using electronic means became quite common in the popular culture.

A man named Thaddeus Cahill is said to have developed the first electronic instrument named the Telharmonium. This instrument was not made for the purpose of electronic music, it was used to broadcast music in restaurants and other public areas. “Cahill has never realized his plan, but his ideas were not so bad because today we make massive use of streaming media.” (The History Of Electronic Music, 2013)

Electronic Dance Music began as an underground movement in the 1980’s. Similarly to how Hip Hop took the mainstream by storm in the late 1990s and 2000s, Electronic Dance Music is now following in their footsteps. In an article on Electronic music, Bogart (2012) boldly suggests, “EDM could be thumb nailed as being to Hip Hop what Rock was to Jazz” A whole generation of music fans are shifting from the Hip Hop driven popular music that dominated the 2000s and setting their sights on the sounds of House, Dance, Trance, Dubstep, Trap, and the many other sub genres that fall under the category of Electronic Music.

The existence of the Internet and online streaming has really helped Electronic music come to the forefront of the popular domain. Godard (2013) believes, “The growth of Electronic Music would be virtually impossible without the internet. Similar to book publishing, the web has completely and thoroughly disrupted the music industry.” Goddard then goes on to say “Through Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook we’ve all become DJ’s; discovering, curating, mixing a set list to carry us through the splendid banality of our technology driven lives.”

According to Forbes (2012) the acceptance of Electronic Dance Music into the cultural mainstream allowed the ten highest paid DJs to rake in a combined amount of one hundred and fifteen million in 2012. Tiesto, the highest paid DJ on the Forbes list, brought in an enormous twenty two million in 2011. He owes the success of Electronic Music to social media.

Social media is said to have played a big part in helping the Electronic Dance Music scene. Although, some argue that is not the case for all types of music. There is the still the lingering question: Has the Internet ruined the music industry...

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