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Bus 250 Final Essay

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In 2003, Fortune magazine named FedEx Corporation, a leading global logistics solutions provider, among the list of 100 best companies to work for in the US (Yeow, 1999). FedEx was featured on that list for five years in a row. FedEx was one of the first organizations to create a traditional human resources policy; it looked at employees as a way of reaching long term goals and increasing profitability. During its three decades in business, FedEx has established a few original human resources practices. One of which include the corporate communication program, which is also known as the survey feedback action program, it motivates employees to give feedback on management policies.
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Their employees have such a positive reaction to the amount of faith entrusted in them and show impeccable dedication to their work. The level of the dedication of the employees could be measured by the fact that during the years when FedEx was experiencing some financial trouble, the employees were willing to use their own money to buy gas to deliver packages to the customers. Even when the employees didn’t get paid on time, they still continued to work for FedEx.
During the first few years in business when FedEx was unknown, and the overnight express delivery concept was not tested and proven, joining their team was considered risky. FedEx now follows a very organized system for their recruiting process. The company hires individuals from top colleges all over the world. They also offer internship programs which prepare individuals for future positions. Considering the large amount of applications that came into the human resources department, the old manual process, which required applicants to complete a 20-page application, was an inconvenience. This pushed FedEx to create an automated job application by creating an online job application form.
FedEx has created a very detailed and effective set of human resources policies, these policies were created to keep employees attention on pleasing the customers. The way FedEx manages its employees was not a system that was copied from another company, nor did the company create it by using a formula that would ensure excellent results. FedEx instead used their own creative systematic procedures. FedEx created its own creative human resources policies and procedures. The human resources policies created by FedEx have become an example to other organizations. Their human resources policies have gained them several recognitions throughout the years.
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