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In project 9D that was assigned, it provided skills that were taught throughout chapter 9 that was able to be mastered in order to complete project 9D. In this particular project we was responsible of recording/assigning a macro, being able to activate the macro in sequence , writing a set of commands, using ActiveX control buttons, and add or take away from the commands code (View Code feature). Those 3 skills was the major lesson of the entire chapter 9. This was a pretty lengthy chapter that’s full of new, interesting, and useful material.
Starting off with the first task that was being taught in chapter 9 was learning how to record a macro. Macro is a verbatim set of actions that can all be grouped into one action without the repetition of steps that’s needs to be applied. Macro has the ability to eliminate tasks such as selecting range, adding/removing columns and rows, adding the current date to a spreadsheet, and protecting /unprotecting worksheets. Without the macro feature and without fully paying attention one can become distracted and unexpectedly mess up important data collected. In order to work with macros you must select a macro security setting to enable macros when using excel, add the developer tab to the ribbon, and then saving the workbook that includes macros as an excel-macro enabled workbook type of file. After getting equipped with learning what macros are and how to record them the chapter then brought about the “Assigning a macro to a button on the quick access toolbar” task which requires you to create a button on the quick access Toolbar that will allow one to activate the macro. In order to complete task properly one must become familiar with the backstage view of the workbook and the different options that comes along with it. Once that task is aced you are now ready to modify a macro. To modify a macro you must then getting familiar with knowing how to apply the code which is a set of demand’s that, that particular macro is supposed to perform. With that being completed you have just mastered the first segment of chapter 9 first assessments.
Now at this point in the chapter we have gotten to the Inserting ActiveX controls part but the chapter only focused on the command button and the check box. The command button allows you to insert a command control button that has a code attach activating the action when clicked on. With the command button you’re allowed to create it and set the code of demands behind it so whenever it needs to be used when working on a particular assignment you are able to click it and it performs the task that you assign for it to do. The check box allows you to turn on and turn off a function when it’s clicked...

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