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On my first bus ride to school, like Eleanor I didn’t feel welcomed by others. When Eleanor first stepped on the bus, everyone noticed her but didn’t let her have a seat. As she walked to the back of the bus, Park, with hesitation let her have a seat next to him. This reminds me of when I walked down the bus aisle and noticed that most of the seats where already taken and the ones that weren't were towards the end of the bus. This scene brings back memories from my Jr year in high school. I didn’t know anyone there but my sister, Rosie, she was a senior. I was really hoping I would get to sit next to her on the bus, but to our luck we had to sit with other kids. Eleanor's first bus ride to school reminds me of my first bus ride to a new school. Comment by Daniel Keener: Spelling? Were. Comment by Daniel Keener: Spell this out, junior. Comment by Daniel Keener: Clear thesis.
It was an early morning at about 6:30 a.m. that’s the time the bus arrived at our stop. It was a warm morning, summer wasn’t over yet. There was so much noise going on with everyone's excitement for the first day of school. Everyone seemed to know each other by the way they talked and smiled at one another. When the bus pulled up to a stop all the kids got on. My sister and I were one of the last ones to get on, by that time most of the seats were taken already and the ones that had one open seats were towards the back of the bus. Like Eleanor, I also had to sit with a boy that was so rude. I didn’t have a view to my sisters seat since this kid gave me the window seat. I just wanted the bus to arrive at school so I can get off and meet my sister again. It felt awkward the whole way to school, a twenty minute ride seemed more like at hour long ride. Comment by Daniel Keener: New sentence. Capitalize. Comment by Daniel Keener: Spelling?
It felt like the bus couldn’t take a longer road to school. Maybe because I had only visited the school once before. I really wanted to sit on the aisle seat so I can at least see my sister and maybe communicate through facial expressions, something we were getting very good at. But the boy made me sit next to the window. Like Eleanor I wasn’t so fond of sitting next to a rude but sort of nice boy. I remember not even wanting to look at him. I guess I was so upset he didn’t let me sit on the aisle seat. Though I'm sure he didn’t care for me even noticing him, since he was being very loud talking...

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