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Final Business Model and Strategic PlanDenise RodriguezIntegrated Business Topics/BUS47510/27/14Dr. Leah RabyTable of ContentsTitle Page 1Table of Contents ........................................................................................................................2Executive Summary 3Business Model and Strategic Plan Part l: Existing Business or New Business Division 4Business Model and Strategic Plan Part II: SWOTT Analysis 7Business Model and Strategic Plan Part III: 13Conclusion 17References ...........................................................................................................................18Business Model and Strategic Plan Part 1Alpha Natural Resources Inc was established in 2002 with a staff of seven and a vision. Currently with that vision the company has grown to annual of $8 billion and 12,000 employees, and America's leading coal producer. Alpha Natural Resources produces not only light and heat but steel as well. Coal generates 40% of the worlds electricity and powers almost 70% of global steel production (Alpha Natural Resources).Coal MiningAlpha Natural Resource is the world's sixth largest coal supplier, and third of metallurgical coal. Alpha, operates mines and coal preparation through its affiliates and facilities in West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, and Wyoming. Alpha also supplies thermal and metallurgical coals not only domestically but also internationally, with below industry average Alpha, operates some of the nation's safest mines which is tracked by the Mine Safety and Health Administration. Creating the right blend of coal requires efficient testing and strict quality control measures in laboratories. There are five blends of coal each with its different uses first Peat a depositional environment or geographic setting with rapid plant growth. Second, Lignite the largest of the worlds coal reserves, it has the lowest carbon content and lowest heat value and is mainly used for electric power generation. Third Subituminous offers more heat than lignite and is a cleaner burning coal then the other coals. Fourth Bituminous, has a highly variable sulfur content and a high heat content, used for electrical generation and coke in steel making and has other industrial uses. Fifth Anthracite, is one of the hardest coals to find and gives off the greatest amount of heat (Alpha Natural Resources).There are two forms of exploration prospecting and drilling field exploration, sampling, and lab testing, and coal beds which are layers of coal thick enough to mine. There are four stages of mining, mine development requires research, purchasing and securing before mining can begin. There are four types of mines open cast is mining at the surface instead of underground, shaft is a vertical tunnel where miners travel up and down in an elevator and the coal is transported through a second tunnel,...

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