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Buses: Part 2 Essay

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The bus ride was rather uneventful. It was mostly long, and tiresome. Sitting in front of me was a very young couple. A pretty blonde around 20 or so and a lanky white man with a blue jump suit, and sideways Kansas City Royal's baseball hat, who was about the same age. I could see half a crypt gang tattoo on the back of his lower neck. It was peculiar, I had never seen a true white gang member before. The closest thing I've ever run across is a white drug dealer named Durden. Durden was a short, strong looking guy a little older than I was. He wasn't in a gang, though. He was a wanna-be. All he did was sell guns and weed. This person was for real. The strangest part about it all is that the couple had a newborn child with them and the white guy had to be the best dad I've ever seen. I watched them for ten hours to Texas. I had been sucked into their world. Their reality was now my reality. I was very close to obsession. From what I gathered of their conversations, they were on the way to Oklahoma City for whitey to meet his father in-law and their child to meet his grandparents. In a way I loved them. I could almost swear that I knew their lives better than my own. And in a sense, it was true. There is something calming about concentrating on the problems of others. I know what to do when it's someone else, but I seem to falter when it's my world I'm dealing with. Yes, this couple, for a short number of hours, was closer to me than anyone ever had been.We came into OKC sometime early in the morning, around three or so. The skyline was a tremendous site. Huge buildings I'd never seen before. A million lights and just as many stores, none open of course. The white gang couple got off with their baby, and that was the end of it. I'd never see them again, so I slept.We were heading into Dallas when I woke up. It was around six in the morning."As we reach our final destination today," the bus inter-com said. "I want to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing us on behalf of greyhound. We know you have options when it comes to travel, and we hope you will chose greyhound again." I was surprised to suddenly realize I had been mistakenly led onto the bus for Dallas instead of Houston."I'd also like to say that it will be my personal prayer that as each and every one of you passes through the day, God shines his own light and grace down onto you, bringing safety and love to you all. Thank you again for choosing greyhound bus lines, and enjoy your stay in Dallas." The inter-com clicked off. That was incredible, I thought. I couldn't deny it, no matter how scared I was. An extremely religious bus driver was just the experience I needed to help me become a writer. The feeling, though, passed, and I was left only with uncertainty. I got off the bus and walked into the Dallas station through the front doors. A small lobby met me with a desk directly in front of where I was standing, and monitors off to the side with a list of departures and arrivals....

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