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Buses: Part 4 Essay

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After my bus had arrived, and we rolled out of the station, we passed by the Grassy Knoll where Kennedy was shot. I was somewhat overwhelmed by this, my first major landmark. I'd remember this, I knew, for the rest of my life. The sensation that went through me I can only try to explain, in that it felt like my heart had exploded and quickly reformed while my lungs simultaneously collapsed. I knew then that surely this was the purpose of my life: To live and see everything I could. Yes, to live.However, the rest of the bus ride was relatively dull, except for a group of people sitting a few rows behind me. The group consisted of a couple of guys my age and a short blonde woman in her forties. Through out the ride they were very loud, and kept making tons of sex jokes. I didn't see any of them standing together at the station, so it was fate I assumed, that brang them to sit together. I wasn't particularly annoyed at how incredibly obnoxious they were being as the rest of the passengers seemed to be, but I was more entertained by them than anything. They gave my mind something to concentrate on, and I was thankful. At the next piss stop I got off and bummed a cigarette from the kid closest to my age, and after we struck up a conversation I asked him if he'd be interested in buying a joint of KB for ten bucks. He upped for it and he got his fat joint of bud, which he told me he'd share with the middle-aged lady, seeing as how she was heading to Chicago because her brother had died there from a massive heart attack just days ago. The driver yelled and we all got back on the bus before I could find out anything else about the three of them. I went to my seat and they went to theirs; they continued being obnoxious and I fell asleep. I woke up in the Kansas City greyhound station parking lot at 12:30, bid them adieu, and got off the bus.The waiting area when I got inside was crowded, as it was the day before, with the same mix of low class people who can't afford a plane, some just like me. When I got outside, as luck would have it there was a cab there waiting for me, and I jumped inside with my backpack still neatly around my right arm as we left. I got back to my place and gave the driver a twenty before I went inside. I had gotten home just in time; my dad would wake up in fifteen minutes for work. He knew nothing of my venture. I had done the most pointless thing in my life with complete success.The house had that same feeling that all homes have when you leave for a day or two: When your dogs come running to greet you, and you finally get to lie down in your own bed. It was good to be home. I called my roommate Don down to smoke some weed. We went out front and puffed, as I told him my stories from the past day and a half, he listened and he laughed, while I talked and exaggerated. We went back inside and he thanked me for getting him stoned before he went upstairs. My dad got up and I told him hi, and that I was going to bed. I proceeded to my...

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