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Bush's Speech Before The War On Iraq

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March 19, 2003 - The first day of the War on Iraq; a day that can be viewed as the beginning of a nightmare for many innocent people across the globe. Depending on an individual's country of citizenship, one might view either the American troops or Iraqi troops to be the freedom fighters or terrorists within this conflict. The War on Iraq placed strains upon, and caused heartache for the innocent people within the two nations. Through the analysis of George Bush's (the American president) opening speech, one can uncover the assumptions and hidden meanings that he or she has.Around the world, families watched from their television screens as Bush delivered the opening speech to his troops before they began their mission within Iraq. Bush made it clear that they had entered into this war "reluctantly," but did so to "spare innocent civilians," as well as protect them from the "grave danger" posed by the "weapons of mass murder" that Saddam Hussein possessed. The American mission was to tear down Hussein's "outlaw regime" and "restore control" to the people of Iraq. He then stated that families were praying for the safety of all the innocent people who would be affected by this "coalition." In concluding, Bush confidently stated that they "will accept no outcome but victory" while defending their own freedom and the freedom of others.What made this speech such a confident and persuasive piece were the use of rhetorical appeals within, as well as, the tone in which it was received. All three types: logical, ethical, and emotional can be found. Bush strategically states his "mission" within Iraq. He highly esteems both cultures and their values, and finally assures that all will be well in freedom's name. These different structural components will be discussed throughout the following paragraphs.The delivery of Bush's opening speech is very important when analyzing it as a whole. He maintain an urgent yet confident tone while delivering his message to the millions of people worldwide who viewed his speech from their homes, in addition to "[his] fellow citizens" and the conflicting nation. Though his speech primarily addresses American citizens, those with access to television and other medium, were also able view, hear, or listen to his speech. Bush addresses the American citizens as it is a conflict between the American and Iraqi troops, though not limited to just this audience. The mass media made Bush's speech accessible to many through newspaper readings, and radio and television broadcasts. Those more likely to support Bush within this war, would be people with a similar political backgrounds as well as similar cultural and religious views; "May God bless our country and all who defend her." while those less likely to support Bush's coalition would be people with different or conflicting views of the American way of life, such as people with a Middle Eastern way of life.Bush spoke to the world in a very strategic and concrete manner as his speech...

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