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VerizonIn the year 2006, Verizon Wireless was able to practice tremendous enhancement in various crucial metrics. The range was limited from above $50 million down to below $30 million and record turns increased from below 15 to more than 25. The operating expense of profits, not including the advantage from past miscellaneous expenses and the implemented part of the amortization of untouchable resources, went down from above 70% of earnings to below 70% of earnings. Verizon Wireless is on the cutting edge of technology. There are several different types of technology such as new DSL lines, dedicated internet access and Integrated T-1 and T-3 access to name a few. As a growing business you would have a wide variety of choices available to you, in order to build the type of network that you would need to operate in the most efficient way.E-BusinessAll over the country people are doing more shopping and selling over the internet. The technology that Verizon is developing will enable everyone to have the connectivity that is needed for uninterrupted connections. The Verizon website can take you to the how to of e-commerce. Some of the items that you can find there are how to develop a web site, ways to get your site ready to sell and the what to do and what not to do for your business. E-commerce is such a broad topic, but as the Web evolves more and more companies will start to advertise and sell on the web which will probably cause businesses to downsize some of their departments such as marketing and customer service to name a few.This could lead the organization to specialize in quick response but excellent quality wireless services to local companies. This would place intense pressure on the organization’s employees to be knowledgeable with the current developments in wireless services where possible. These assessment outcomes can secure Verizon Wireless from wasting its financial resources for the incorrect promotional tools and procedures. Monitoring or assessment involves the application of tools to evaluate promotional appropriateness. The plan can be assessed with regards to the development in sales that is attained at a quarterly and yearly basis. This would immediately connect to the goal of establishing demand and improving sales. Nevertheless, it is essential to put into emphasis that it can be hard to manage for...

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1034 words - 5 pages Question 1. Enterprise Systems (ES) are products or solutions designed to integrate computer systems that run all the phases of an enterprise’s operations to facilitate cooperation and coordination of work across the enterprise. In other word, it handles more than one operation for a company to facilitate its business and management needs. For example, ES will handle all the operations in a company regardless of the division in the company such

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1493 words - 6 pages high revenue in the picture. Etisalat actual performance has always met its potential performance; hence growing globally and effectively. (Annual report 2012, business snapshot from ASSESSING GROWTH STRATEGIES INTENSIVE GROWTH Market-penetration strategy  is an official website of Etisalat which provides essential information to new and existing customers. This includes:  Online billing system- existing customers can pay, recharge

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909 words - 4 pages With the astonishing growth of the Internet, many companies are finding new and exciting ways to expand upon their business opportunities. There are very few successful companies that do not use computers in their everyday business activities, which also means there are few companies that do not use e-commerce. "To most casual Internet surfers, e-commerce means online shopping; workaholics pointing their web browser to to order an

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1623 words - 6 pages ;  The roll that ethics plays in public administration is based on each individual administration. An administration is a business after all and it has to make money to survive in the business world. If all the businesses in public administration based ethics on each individual worker than his or her administration would not survive. Imagine if you were an individual working for the state dealing with welfare for a citizen. You know that

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2115 words - 9 pages Leadership and Management POSDCORB: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting and budgeting. These tools are necessary to perform the ongoing duties of a public administration. POSDCORB emphasizes professionalism, executive control functions, and organizational theory to governmental organizations for the sake of efficient management practices (Chalekian, 2013). Planning Planning involves the preparation for an

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1063 words - 5 pages she was able to run two businesses and eventually obtain a good job in a clothing store (“The FSA, Farming Security Administration”). Programs such as the FSA were the lifelines of many farmers and other occupations because not only did they help you get your business up and running but they are showed you how to maintain your business at a healthy economic level. The Farming Security Administration was an innovative agency of the FSA that

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730 words - 3 pages Week 4 Learning Team ReflectionLearning Team CBusiness Law-Law/531Marlene Wilhite9/4/2011Week 4 Learning Team ReflectionContract Administration involves those activities performed by a company after a contract has been awarded to determine how well the company and the contractor performed to meet the requirements of the contract. The following paper will discuss contract administration groups and the affects they have on a company's business

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1766 words - 7 pages organization to better help its workers, and for the representatives to better help the organization. This can influence the way things are carried out at a business site, enhancing everything from employing practices and representative preparing projects to appraisal strategies and control. Organizations who strive to help their representatives can develop a work environment helpful for gainfulness. Human asset administration is the most ideal

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1632 words - 7 pages 1 Project 1: 1.a RFC 4707: The Netnews Administration System: The Netnews Administration System is a platform which has been made for ease for administration and utilization of Netnews via online. Further the newsgroups data kept in the centralization boundary database in an environment of client-server protocol to be distributed. Moreover, the data can be accessed by news servers, news administrators, and the readers. However, three of them

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1977 words - 8 pages In the arena of public administration there are many challenges that an organization will face in order to meet their company goals. Most of those challenges will come from being able to adapt to the advancement of technology and adapting to the changes as they come. Because unlike anything else in the world, business technologies can either make a business successful or break a business down. If a business is unable or refuses to adapt and

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1373 words - 6 pages Hospital administration costs can be mercifully expensive costing $361 billion per year in the USA alone, three times what is spent on cancer. Therefore finding a costing system that gets the most efficient results from administration is crucial, so that more can be spent on hospital's core duties of providing health care. However despite the rather costliness it serves a central purpose of effectively overseeing the hospitals activities and

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854 words - 4 pages favorite subjects: I enjoy numbers and formulas, which is important part of financial management. I work well will others, enjoy helping customers, and I enjoy talking to people; I have always been a good communicator. Combining my passion for languages, math and communication brought me to study business administration. For further information regarding my professional achievements, you can find my attached résumé. Résumé I had my first job at age 15

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