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Business Analysis: Amk,Lda In The Uk

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Political – The potential and current influences from political forces:
There are a varied range of political factors which may affect AMK,Lda at present and also factors that may have an impact on the company in the future. A political decision which affects AMK,Lda in the UK is the rate of tax charged by the government. This can affect the bottom line of the company in the form of corporation tax and also may affect the facility of customers to spend with AMK,Lda. At present, the corporation tax in the UK have been lowered in order to attempt to encourage economic activity (April 2014).
Other important political decisions take into account interest rates. Currently, UK interest rates are ...view middle of the document...

Social – The changes in the society
The social factor may be seen as problematic but also as an opportunity for AMK,Lda. With an ageing of the population, AMK,Lda will have to adapt its services selection to guarantee that the services supplied by the company appeal to this aging demographic of the population. On consideration that ageing populations tend to be less mobile than younger demographics, this may be taken into consideration. As EU expansion takes place and the new member states become further integrated into the EU, there is a distinct possibility that the tendencies for increased diversity in the UK's consumer will increase rather than decrease.

Technological - The effect of new technology
There is little uncertainty that new technological developments have transformed the UK business environment, especially those operating in the events and decoration sector.
Essential technological developments such as the internet have allowed firms such as AMK,Lda to develop online business models which complement traditional establishments, this has allowed businesses to develop better relationships with their consumers and communicate in a more effective way.

Environmental – The national and world environmental issues

In general terms, the environment which AMK,Lda operates in the...

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