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Business Analysis Of Sydney Tower Restaurants Tourism Pty Ltd

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Business Analysis of Sydney Tower Restaurants Tourism Pty Ltd

The purpose of this marketing plan is to outline the situational
analysis, marketing objectives, target markets, market strategies and
how to monitor the marketing plan of Sydney Tower Restaurants Tourism
Pty Ltd.



One component of a situational analysis is the SWOT analysis, which is
an examination of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
of a business.

The following is a SWOT analysis of Sydney Tower Restaurants.


* Height - Sydney tower is the tallest building in Sydney, at 300m

* Staff - multi-lingual staff

* Offering a unique dining experience

* Two high quality revolving restaurants

* Menus appealing to domestic/international diners

* Top quality service

* The view (location)

* Sydney Tower Restaurants have several levels that cater for all
the target markets

* Sydney Tower Restaurants are presently an oligopoly, as their only
other main competitor is the Summit


* Lack of space - no way to expand

* Height - people are often scared of heights, which means loss of
potential customers

* Location - the Sydney Tower Restaurants aren't as well known as
the actual building it's situated in, hence, since it's so far up,
the public may not be aware of it


* Various promotions on special occasions (eg Valentine's Day,
Mothers Day, etc)

* When the Australian dollar isn't doing well, it's a desirable
exchange rate for tourists


* Terrorism is a perceived threat as Sydney Tower is one of the main

* The Summit restaurant (competitor) - also a revolving restaurant

* Weather - Sydney Tower Restaurants depend on good weather, as the
view is their main feature


The product analysis examines various issues relating to the different
goods and services provided by the business.

Ø Product Lifecycle


Sydney Tower Restaurants' only valid competitor is The Summit
Restaurant, but in comparison, is no real threat.

The Summit Restaurant is also a revolving restaurant, but they have a
competitive disadvantage as they are only 165m tall, and only cater
for one target market - special occasions.


The following are objectives Sydney Tower Restaurants aim to achieve.

Short Term:

* Over the next 6 months, establish a promotional campaign that will
encourage local customers to increase their use of our service

* Increase Sydney Tower Restaurants' sales profit in December, by 5%
more compared to last December

Long Term:

* Increase product awareness among the target...

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