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Business Research Project Paper

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Companies used to be defined almost exclusively by the products they produced or the services they provide. That's all changed. There now defined by the way they provide their products and services. Their behaviors define how their perceived in the marketplace in ways that products never really could. In the article "Talk to the car with new tech", people are in for a great new product in desperate need among car consumer.Within today's highly sophisticated society, organizations exist to compete with one another for profitability and status within the open market. This new product will ensure distracted drivers keep their hands on the driving wheel by using voice controls. In the retail car industry many companies such as Toyota have partnered with voice search specialist from VoiceBox, a small company in Bellevue, Washington.VoiceBox is developing a technology which will allow people to speak conversationally to operate car electronics, rather than having people memorize and deliberate sound out commands. Other high end to midrange vehicles such as Lexus and Honda's Acura include voice command features for driving directions. But the problem with those is limited vocabulary of commands or poor recognition of synonyms and accents.The engineers at VoiceBox believe that they can develop technology that can recognize the content of speech, conversations to answer questions in a human form. Such as request like let me hear Mariah, which the computer would translate to request to hear the singer Mariah Carey. The computer could even get information on traffic jams, the latest stock quotes, ect. Without all the confusion of cell phones, and satellite radios, which distract drivers...

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Current Business Research Project Paper: RES 341 W/Instructor Notes

604 words - 2 pages its purpose, explain the business problem(s) under investigation, describe the data collection method(s) used in the research project, and to explain what researchers conclude as a result of their research. The following synopsis will be prepared according to the provisions outlined by Sekaran, U. (2003).SynopsisIntroduction and Relevant DetailsAccording to the article a research study was conducted to investigate the relationship between a

Business Project Research Process Essay

2534 words - 10 pages appendix -- samples of questionnaires or interview schedules, for example. You can also include ethical and research governance approval letters, project consent forms and information letters. Personal correspondence with key figures within the field can also be placed as an appendix, if this adds to or substantiates any claims being made.ConclusionWriting a business research project has the potential to be a very satisfying process, but it can

Research Project Paper

744 words - 3 pages Research helps us to discover, investigate, and gain knowledge of events, laws, or any other situations that may interest us. There are many benefits to research and during this class, I am hoping to learn more about the power of research and learn how to perform research thoroughly. Research helps us to gather results and those results help us to provide a foundation for the interpretation of the collected data. In this paper, I will attempt to

Current Business Research Project Paper

665 words - 3 pages The business research in the article is about the implementation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), which was signed and made into law by President Bush in July of 2002. This new law was to help restore investor confidence in United States financial markets. After incidents with Enron and WorldCom, lawmakers knew Americans had to be able to trust the companies they wanted to invest in. According to the article, "SOX has strengthened corporate

Research Project Paper 1 for RES/341

677 words - 3 pages Research Project Paper 1Research Project PaperResearch Project Paper 2In today's world, we have become a 'plugged-in' society, never far from instantcommunications whether it comes from our cell phones, blackberries or laptops. Withthe advent of wireless technology, people can obtain access to the World Wide Web ormake phone calls from wherever they happen to be. While purchases are made via theinternet, it is also fast becoming an environment

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3262 words - 13 pages electronic records and signatures on par with paper records and signatures (Garfinkel & Spafford, 1997).E-Commerce in Business EntitiesAll business organizations recognize the benefits of e-commerce. The customer can access information about the products, and compare and conduct research online before making a decision. An advantage for establishing e-commerce is the ability to have a round-the-clock presence on the internet, and to complete

Research Project on Business Economics Curriculum

2348 words - 9 pages of life” (3). Over the past years, the Business economics curriculum has failed to demonstrate a thorough analysis of global ethical considerations which relate to the dynamics observed in the global business and economic platforms. According to Hill, a comprehensive business economic curriculum should (among others) include “the economy, labor market, technology, research, arts, politics, communication, travel, transmission of culture, human

Business Research Applications Paper

1496 words - 6 pages in those two areas.Research Methods"Business a systematic inquiry that provides information to guide managerial decisions" (Cooper & Schindler, 2006, p. 4). Research within an organization is used in adherence to the process of exploring options for improvement and putting those opportunities to good cause. Saint Anthony Medical Center has various reporting and researching tools simultaneously tracking the actions versus

Vivendi Universal Case Study Project MGT 480: Business Research Applications

2469 words - 10 pages Vivendi Universal Case Study ProjectVivendi Universal (VUE) currently holds the position as one of the world's leaders in media, communication, entertainment, publishing, environmental management, and water resources since its inception as Compagnie Générale des Eaux (CGE) in 1853 when it received an Imperial decree to supply water to Lyons (Vivendi Universal, 2001). After a series of acquisitions and business partnerships that

Acid Rain. This is a research paper I did for my science fair project

806 words - 3 pages The term "acid rain" is used to describe rain, snow or fog that has been polluted by acid in the atmosphere during the water cycle. It is one of the most dangerous and widespread forms of pollution. Acid rain contributes to the damage of not only natural environments, but everyplace it lands upon. It harms bodies of water and many sensitive forest soils. In addition, acid rain accelerates the deterioration of irreplaceable buildings, statues, and

Hitachi: Correlation and Causal Analysis Research - MGT 480: Business Research Applications: (note: start of paper is similar to others, but body is different)

1095 words - 4 pages ). Business Research Methods (6th ed.). Burr Ridge, IL: Irwin/McGraw-Hill.Joppe, Marion, Dr. (n.d.). The Research Process. Retrieved August 28, 2002 from the World Wide Web:, Shelley, Ph.D. (2002a). Correlation and causality. About Homework Help Psychology. Retrieved September 9, 2002 from the World Wide Web:, Shelley, Ph.D. (2002b). Correlational studies. About Homework Help Psychology. Retrieved September 9, 2002 from the World Wide Web:

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Current Business Research Project Paper

777 words - 3 pages Elenkov and Iya Petkova. The intention of this synopsis is to define the business research and its purpose, explain the business problem(s) under investigation and describe the data collection method(s) used in the research project. This synopsis will also briefly discuss what the researchers of the project concluded as a result of the research. The author of this paper prepared this synopsis in accordance with the provisions outlined in

Current Business Research Project Paper

581 words - 2 pages Imagine having to borrow money and risk serious debt just to stay healthy. The article "Borrowing to Stay Healthy" provided some scary statistics on what low to middle income people are resulting in doing to pay off their medical bills. It also provides real stories from people who have had to charge their medical debt to credit cards to illustrate the impact. This paper outlines the business research performed, the purpose for sharing it to the

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723 words - 3 pages After several considerations, I have selected an article named, "Effects of critical care nurses' work hours on vigilance and patients' safety," from the American Journal of Critical Care. In this paper, I will distinguish the following four fundamental points of this research article: the business research and its purpose, business problem under investigation, the parties involved in conducting the research, and the method used to conduct the

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623 words - 2 pages Banking Sector: An International Study. The purpose of the synopsis is to define the business research and its purpose, explain the business problem(s) under investigation, describe the data collection method(s) used in the research project, and to explain what researchers conclude as a result of their research. The following synopsis is prepared according to the provisions outlined by Sekaran, U. (2003) in Research Methods for Business: A Skill