Corporate And Business Strategy: Federal Express Corporation.

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Executive Summary.Federal Express Corporation ("FedEx Express") is the innovator and the global leader in the express transportation industry, offering full range of integrated air and ground transportation services, logistics, customs clearance services, telecommunications and shipment handling technology in over two hundred and twenty (220) countries around world. FedEx Express offers speed, reliability and ease of use at competitive prices. A major part of FedEx Express success is directly attributed by its company strategy.1. IntroductionThis case study report aims at illustrating, analysing and explaining the world's largest express transportation company "FedEx Express" and looks at how its strategy developed. In a first step by definitions the company and identifying the organization's mission and its products/markets, in second step is describe the forces in the External Environment of the company, the third step is Internal Analysis, it is especially focus on resources, competencies, and value chain, and in a last step is regarding strategic development of the company.The remainder of this report is structured as follows:Section 1: Introduction: introduce the case study and describe the structure of the study.Section 1: Brief Company Description: brief description of organization including company overview, organisation structure, mission, and products/markets.Section 2: External Analysis: a combination of PEST and five forces analysis.Section 3: Internal Analysis: define strategic groups, market segments and critical success factors and explain who these concept help in understanding competition at a detailed level.Section 4: Strategic Development: identify the company's strategy.2. Description of Organisation2.1 Company OverviewFederal Express Corporation ("FedEx Express"), a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX), is the world's largest express transportation company, found in 1973 by Frederick W. Smith.FedEx Express provides fast and reliable delivery in one to two business days to more than 220 countries that comprise 90 percent of the world's gross domestic product. FedEx Express has more than 140,000 employees, 50,000 drop-off locations, 647 aircraft and 42,000 vehicles in its integrated global network. The company handles more than 3.2 million packages daily and maintains electronic connections with more than a million customers via FedEx Ship Manager at and FedEx Ship Manager Software.2.2 Organisation StructureFedEx Express is divided into five global regions.2.3 VisionTo satisfy worldwide demand for fast, time-definite, reliable distribution, FedEx Express continues to build and refine a uniquely integrated, all-cargo express network. This network relies equally on transportation infrastructure, information technology and dedicated FedEx Express people for its seamless global operation.2.4 Statement of Corporate Mission"FedEx Express is committed to our People-Service-Profit Philosophy. We will produce...

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