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Good morning everyone and thank you all for coming. The meeting has officially opened at 9:12AM. Today we will discuss and finalize the 2017 A.B. Paterson College Formal Dress Code. I have been hard at work trying to sort through the dress code ideas, and have managed to narrow it down to the top three. Once I have finished listing the ideas, we will have a vote in order to decide what the majority wants. The winner will be the official dress code for the formal, so make sure your choice is definite as your vote could greatly sway and determine the outcome.
The first idea this morning is The Great Gatsby. This dress code adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the formal’s atmosphere. As can be seen on the presentation, a variety of dresses can be showcased. These dresses greatly vary from that of a modern formal, adding a classical and unique look. The suits offered in this idea are uniquely different from one another, and are a great change from the boring black suits that are usually worn. Many accessories can also be added to the outfit such as top hats and canes. This could create both a humorous and classical effect which could create an excellent and interesting experience.
The next dress code is 70’s Disco. This idea can be used in both a formal and ‘dress-up’ manner, provoking humour and providing an entertaining evening. The style of clothes differs greatly from that of normal standards, and each independent costume stands out more than the last. A range of dresses are available to be showcased, with many...

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