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Organizational Change and Development
Executive Summary
The senior management of a University has hired an external change agent to oversee some major organizational development and changed. The key areas for improvement were identified including environmental sustainability, errors in databases, communication, IT infrastructure and student engagement and pass rate. Also there were issues relating to managing databases of students, employees and finances. There was a need of improving communications between departments and between peers. This essay deals with how the agent provides solution for each one of the areas.
As an external change agent, this organizational change and development report will include methods of collecting and analyzing information, designing interventions and implementing interventions. The mutual goal for both university and change agents is to improve organization’s effectiveness of its performance by conducting this change proposal.
The issues were identified by applying data collection and feedback cycle. As change agents we conduct methods such as questionnaires, interviews, observations unobtrusively, and even through with the shortage of time that we acquired we still managed to keep information that we gathered as objective as possible. Resistance was expected, however due to the reason this change proposal does not involve much of personnel changes, the resistance force is mainly considered as positive and negligible.
However there are certain scopes and limitations exist among our change proposal. First of all as external change agents, the time that we acquired for this change proposal is not considered as sufficient (10/09/2017-30/9/3027). Lack of provided time could cause deviation on collected data and information, which may lead to our identification of objectives to improve are not accurate enough. Secondly, in order to implement interventions it requires not only the change agents, but also the response from managerial level within the organization, which we don’t have authority to inspect the process and outcomes.
Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Environmental sustainability 5
Reducing printing cost 5
Reducing Water Consumption 5
Reducing energy consumption 6
Errors in databases 7
Students and Employee Records 7
Financial records 7
Communication 8
Improving Communication between Departments 8
Improving communication between employees and management 8
Improving communications between peers 9
IT infrastructure 10
Improving ICT hardware 10
LAN and wireless network speed 11
Photocopy machines used within the business 11
Student engagement and pass rate 12
Low attendance 12
Low pass rate 12
Action plan 13
Conclusion 14
References 15
Organizational change and development occurs only when a company moves from the present state to a developed state in the future which helps in increasing effectiveness. Change usually happens due to pressure from both external and...

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