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Business Decisions Within Your Company Essay

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Bus 303 Module 2 Case assignment PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1
Fitness decisionsTUI UniversityRoy A. KuhnBUS 303Case Assignment Module 2DR. SalnikovaABSTRACTYou are the administrative assistant to Joseph Mirola, the Claims Manager for Rocky Mountain Mutual, a growing insurance company which just three years ago built a new headquarters complex in a fairly remote suburban area in Utah. No expense was spared for the complex, which included professionally landscaped grounds, elegant offices, and a Fitness Center featuring an indoor walking/running track, a small lap swimming pool, and an exercise room with free weights and exercise machines, The cost of the Fitness Center alone was almost a million dollars, and a small staff was hired to supervise the activities. A major reason for building the Fitness Center was that no sports club facilities were conveniently available near the firm's headquarters, and management considered exercise to be an important benefit to offer its employees. In fact, with its plans to grow the company in the next few years, management touted the Fitness Center as a major draw for young employees, especially because of the somewhat remote location of the firm's headquarters.TO: Zachary Evans, Vice President of OperationsFROM: Joseph Mirola, Claims ManagerDATE: October 21, 2008SUBJECT: Promoting Fitness from the topMR. Evans the purpose of this memo is to make you aware of the importance of continuing to keep our exercise facility for its employees, to offer you proof of how exercise benefits your employees and how cost is really irrelevant when it comes to one's health. You made it very clear that you are opposed to continuing to keep the exercise facility for our company due to its cost and lack of usage.After years of research, it has been determined that exercise not only promotes healthy bodies, but it also reduces the risk of many diseases such as Heart Disease, Strokes, Cancer and it has even been proven that it increases the morale of individuals who exercise on a regular basis. This brings me to my next point. Our employees use the fitness center on a regular basis. Although, there are many that do not utilize the facilities, by promoting a well thought out fitness program for our employees, could also increase production.You asked that I present you a memo on why I think that we should keep the company fitness center.This memo also presents the results of my research on exercise facilities within like businesses in our industry. Based on my findings and on the success of such programs elsewhere, I am convinced that Rocky Mountain Mutual can set up an exercise program that can benefit everyone in the company. We can do this on a trial basis for a three month period and then gauge the success of the program to see if it is warranted of keeping the facility.What Are the Advantages?The greatest advantage to Rocky Mountain Mutual is that overall...

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