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Business Communication Trends PaperSanjeet K. SinghCOM/285June 1, 2010Lynda SohlBusiness Communication Trends PaperIntroductionLife is changing faster than can be imagined. Technology is changing the way one lives and works every day. Offices are going paperless and 'green' and the distances are getting lesser with each passing second. Time zone differences do not stand in the way of being productive in any work environment. Cultures are coming together and people of varied color, creed and race are part of one large workforce.In this environment, communicating in an efficient, yet proper manner following business etiquette becomes extremely vital. In the past, business communication was about sending memos, writing business letters and so on. With technological changes, modern business communication is much more than that. In the present era, workforces interact via Emails, Teleconferencing, Videoconferencing, text messaging. It becomes imperative for everyone to know how to communicate with their peers in the industry they work in, to follow current standards of business communication.Email Usage in Business CommunicationNow with Emails replacing all paper memos, minutes of meetings and all other official communication, it is essential that the senders know how to follow the trends and adhere to principles at the same time. Email communication format and content both should be carefully examined before hitting the send button. Keeping in mind the cross cultures and chain of command addressing the recipients must be carefully chosen. Recipients should be greeted with politeness and dependent upon the organization culture, formally or informally. The tone should be polite, empathetic, and not neutral or indifferent, that may be perceived, as offensive in many cultures. The Email should have a clear subject line and appropriate opening and closing. If the Email is a response to an earlier mail, the same should be present in the Email trail.Text Messages in Business CommunicationText messages, when used as a means of business communication, should be used according to the same guidelines used while sending an email. If using "text" language, make sure to use words that are appropriate and easy to understand.Teleconferencing and Video ConferencingPrimarily, in any conference meeting - whether it is telephonic or video, the different time zones should be considered before scheduling the meeting and blocking the participants' Outlook Calendars. Ideally, an audio conferencing bridge or conferencing service should be used and the numbers should be distributed to the participants well before the meeting.If there are any documents to be referred to, then they should be sent to the participants via Email/Online messaging (as approved by the work place) or official online portals meant for uploading documents. They demand...

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Business Communication Trends Paper

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