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Business Communication Web Search Essay

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PAGE PAGE 1 Business Communication Web Search
Business Communication Web SearchSuccessful business communication is key for any business to succeed. When writing a business message the author should follow a few simple rules. Business communication should be professional. The communication is created to promote a product or service or to communicate between other employees within the business. The author has chosen three separate websites that will allow businesses to achieve successful written communication.Website OneThe first website is The website is ideal for businesses to better understand how to create a written communication for the business involved. The website has a few different sections that are listed on the left side of the website. The first section that is helpful is the Objectives of Business writing. The objectives are listed in a short paragraph and explain the main purpose of business writing. "Each written communication has two objectives, a primary objective and a secondary objective. The primary objective is to accomplish the specific goal or purpose of the message. The secondary objective is the public relations goal or the goodwill factor. This objective means that the tone of the message should gain the trust and credibility of the reader. The tone should be warm and sincere (Written Communications, 2009)."Another section within the website discusses the preference of word choice. The word choice that the author may chose is critical to ensure that they document is professional. The author should ensure that the words do not cause confusion during the interpretation. The words are also critical because the words will ensure a clear and precise communication to other employees or customers.The last section that was interesting to read on the website was the care in word choice. The word choice is critical because of the clear and precise communication but the care in word choice is also important. The care in word choice lets the employees and customers know that they are important to the company. The care in the word choice also allows the company to seem positive and this ensures the employees and customers are comfortable and they can trust the company.Website TwoThe second website is This website allows a company to reference a business letter. The website also has a Microsoft Word Template that can be purchased by an individual. The templates that can be purchase are ideal for companies that have not had the experience in writing business writings. This website describes what the body of the letter should consist of. The first paragraph in the business writing should explain what the letter is about. This will allow the customer or employee to know the purpose of the letter. The last paragraph in the business writing should be the...

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