Corporate Compliance With Ias Regarding Income Tax: Ias 12, Income Taxes: Disclosure Issues

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Department of Accounting & Information SystemsUniversity of DhakaMBA ProgramCourse Title # 7112 : Corporate Tax PlanningTerm PaperonCorporate Compliance with IAS RegardingIncome Tax: IAS 12, Income Taxes: Disclosure IssuesSubmitted To :Mohammad Moniruzzaman , ACAAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Accounting & Information SystemsUniversity of DhakaSubmitted By :

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MD. Samsuddoha Nayeem


Tanzila Hossain


MD. Belal Hossain


MD. Mydul Hossain Pulok


Abdul Matin Sarker


MBA ( 15th Batch) ; Section : A1st semesterDepartment of Accounting & Information SystemsUniversity of DhakaDate of Submission: September 30, 2013LETTER OF TRANSMITTALSeptember 30, 2013ToMohammad Moniruzzaman, ACAAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Accounting & Information SystemsFaculty of Business StudiesUniversity of DhakaSubject: Submission of a Term Paper on "Corporate Compliance with IAS Regarding Income Tax: IAS 12, Income Taxes: Disclosure Issues"Dear Sir,We are extremely gratified & enthusiastic to present Term Paper on "Corporate Compliance with IAS Regarding Income Tax: IAS 12, Income Taxes: Disclosure Issues" as a part of our M.B.A. Program. This term paper was assigned to us with a view to scrutinizing our skill and flamboyance and we tried our best to gather relevant information for preparing it as a fruitful one. Without your sincere co-operation and proper guideline, it would not be possible for us to take this little attempt. For this act of kindness, we are grateful to you. This term paper is not fully free from mistake due to some limitations. We hope you will accept it with gracious consideration.Thank you for giving us such an opportunity for working on this topic. We will be honored to provide you any additional information, if necessary.Sincerely yoursMD. Mydul Hossain PulokOn behalf of the entire group15th Batch ; Section : AM.B.A. 1st SemesterDepartment of Accounting & Information SystemsUniversity of DhakaACKNOWLEDGEMENTWe would like to express our heartiest gratitude to the Almighty for getting the opportunity to prepare and present a report on "Corporate Compliance with IAS Regarding Income Tax: IAS 12, Income Taxes: Disclosure Issues" .It was not possible without the co-operation of correspondent of different classes which helped us providing required information during the preparation of this report. First of all, we would like to tender our respectful gratitude to our honorable course instructor, "Mohammad Moniruzzaman, ACA", Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting & Information Systems, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka for his sincere guidance regarding preparation of the report. Without his guidance, it would be impossible on our part to complete this report. However, this report is not fully free of mistakes as we have lack of knowledge and expertise in this field. So, we would also like to express our apology for any kind of mistakes that must have...

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