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Business Consultant: The Working Enviornment Essay

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A job should be enjoyable, even exciting. Why bother working in an environment in which you do not feel comfortable and receive gratification from doing your job? Working as a marketing consultant can be enjoyable and rewarding. As the business world becomes more complex there is a growing need for Consultants while allowing a wide latitude for independent initiative. Thus the job of business consultant is as varied as the modern business landscape.There are many diverse jobs in the business world, including accounting, economics, finance, and general marketing. One job in particular, which is crucial to the advancement and betterment of a company, is the marketing consultant or marketing analyst. A consultant does just that; he tells companies what the general public wants to enable the company to improve sales.As the business environment becomes more complex, the Nation's firms are continually faced with new challenges. Firms rely on management consultants to help them remain competitive in an ever-changing business atmosphere. In the private sector, Management Consultants, analyze and propose ways to improve a business's structure, efficiency, and ultimately, profits. For example, a small but rapidly growing company that needs help improving the system of control over inventories and expenses may decide to employ a consultant who is an expert in just-in-time inventory management.(Website) In another case, a large company that has recently acquired a new division may hire management analysts to help reorganize their corporate structure and eliminate duplicate or non-essential jobs.(Book1)Firms providing management consulting range in size from a single employee to large international organizations employing thousands of consultants. Website Some consultants specialize in a specific industry while others specialize by type of business function, such as human resources or information systems. In government, management analysts tend to specialize by type of agency. The work of management analysts and consultants varies with each client or employer, and from project to project. Some projects require a team of consultants, each specializing in one area. In other projects, consultants work independently with the organization's managers. With either type of work, consultants collect, review, and analyze information, in order to better the production that they are helping to improve.Both public and private businesses use consultants for a variety of reasons. Some lack the internal resources needed to handle a project, while others need a consultant to determine what resources will be required and what problems may be encountered, if they pursue a particular opportunity.(Cite3) To retain a consultant, a company first solicits proposals from a number of consulting firms specializing in the area in which it needs assistance.( Cite3) These proposals include the estimated cost and scope of the project, staffing requirements, references from a number of...

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