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Business Continuity Planning Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to examine Business Continuity Management in the tourism market. The paper also examines the service recovery, failure prevention and other strategies that are use to prevent service failures arising from internal and external factors in the organisations. The paper discusses the range of unexpected potential disasters that might hinder and destroy the growth of businesses. The result suggests the needs for adequate disaster recovery and an awareness of Business Continuity Planning.In today's ever changing tourism industry, Business Continuity Management has become the paramount topic of many travel and tourism companies. The tourism industry is highly sensitive to natural and man-made disasters where the ability to manage crises is an important capability (UNWTO, 2007). Companies that overlook the significance of Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) could suffer the consequences of losing their businesses, as two out of five organisations that experience a disaster are out of business within five years (Wheatman, 2001).However, the operation of a business environment can be effected by both internal and external failures (Pitt and Goyal, 2004). According to Faulkner (2001), external failure could lead to disasters and it is difficult to predict the exact form and timing of potential threats to an operation hence, the event will be more catastrophic. On the other hand, crises are caused be internal failures which can be partially controlled.In relation to internal failures, every company encounters service failure and it is by responding to these service failures in a correct manner that can enhance customer retention (Maxham, 1999) as a company's response to a service failure can further upset a customer more than the initial failure (Severt, 2002). Therefore, companies should take the golden opportunity and use service recovery 'paradox' to turn an unsatisfied customer to a highly satisfied customer (Anderson and Fornell, 2000). An example of this is Singapore International Airline which has continues to be one of the most profitable airlines in the world due to the consistency in service excellence that meets the needs of their customers (Wirtz and Johnston's, 2003).DISASTERSAs previously mentioned, disasters are the results of external events, which are beyond the control of managers hence providing a greater degree of risk and uncertainty (Eveans and Elphick (2005). These crises and disasters range from fire accidents, weather-related situations, technological disaster to terrorist attacks. Yet, disasters can quickly develop into crises and indeed can be viewed as a central concern of competent managers in the industry.Additionally, airline crashes and safety matters have become a major concern in the aftermath of the terrorist attack of the World Trade Center in September 2001 and served as drastic reminders that it is vital for every travel company to have plans in place to ensure...

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