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Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store with three locations in the San Diego Metropolitan area. As with any other company, Kudler must have a business continuity plan to enable the company to resume operations after occurrence of a disaster event. The first step in developing a business continuity plan is to identify risks. Risks to Kudler's operations fall into three categories consisting of natural, system/technical, and supply systems. Assessing potential risks will enable Kudler to protect its business through risk mitigation. Through the process of developing a business continuity plan, there are resources involved. "Identifying the available business continuity resources is important to any organization in order to conserve their budget dollars" (University of Phoenix, 2008). The following resources discussed are those relevant to Kudler's business continuity plan and their impact on Kudler itself.A business continuity plan can help an organization, like Kudler, in staying in business following an unplanned disaster or interruption by ensuring the availability of resources. Business continuity resources for Kudler include personnel, financial arrangements, supply systems, facilities, goods, and infrastructure. It is important to identify key resources that are instrumental in the case of a disaster. There are many factors to consider when pinpointing resources that are instrumental in the development of Kudler's business continuity plan. Most importantly, we must first consider infrastructure, product, customer service, and cash handling capabilities.Kudler will need to establish a safe and secure location that is accessible by customers. Backup generators allow supporting of safety lights and backup point-of-sale systems in order to safely assist customers with their transactions. Goods are another important resource in the continuity of Kudler in case of a disaster. It is important to assure the safety of Kudler's products. A dry and safe location is necessary for all goods, including produce, frozen, dairy, and meat foods that will also require backup generators in order to prevent spoilage.Once location and merchandise are secured, it is then necessary to be able to count on personnel that can assist customers of Kudler through transactions. Kudler must be able to secure associates to assist in the start up operations in case of a disaster. Personnel include Kathy Kudler (owner) for effective communication, management for organizational purposes, customer service associates for customer assistance, stock personnel for organized placement of goods, and cashiers for our cash handling purposes.Along with personnel, Kudler will also require a backup system that will assist in processing transactions. This can be as complex as a backup POS system run by the backup generators or as simple as a cashbox and calculator. Kudler, however, has remote backup systems monitored by two in house information technology positions to ensure...

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