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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be defined as “not only is doing good the right thing to do, but it also leads to doing better’. Corporate social responsibility is a form of corporate self-regulation whereby the organizations has active compliance to make decisions that are ethical and beyond the interest of the organization. They also have responsibility to contribute to the economical developments and to get the quality of life of its employees, their families as well as the community and the society improved. (Farrell, Hirt and Ferrell 2011) The society is paying more attention to issues like acceptability, the usage and the misuse of power of the organizations. (Lindgreen and ...view middle of the document...

(Madison, et al. 2012). Therefore, there would be value congruence within the organization. BreadTalk implementation of CSR initiatives will influence employee behaviour by increasing job satisfaction, organizational commitment and citizenship.
However, there may also negative changes in the culture and the frame of mind of the employees of ‘BreadTalk’ that will affect the organizational behavior. Despite having an organization that may seem socially responsible, CSR may shift the focus of the main business concerns. The employees may also be obligated to take on the CSR responsibilities that would create negative emotions and actions. The employees of BreadTalk would have low job satisfaction, low organization commitment and low job involvement. (Wood, et al. 2013)
2. Why is an understanding of cultural differences important to the Business Managers at ‘Breadtalk’? What are some steps that managers can take to develop greater cross-cultural awareness?
Cultural differences in organizations are very common as organizations are investing in many countries. The styles of leadership, motivation and decision-making are different in various countries that make understanding the culture important. Cultural differences may change the organization’s synergy in ways more than one. The advantages of having different cultures would be to have a higher potential for innovation. However, cultural...

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