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IntroductionWhen we take a look at corruption in the workplace, we would like to believe that there is a single sinister-little-man behind the green curtain of the organization, but as we look further behind the curtain, we find that it is the organization itself that can become corrupt. Although we do find occasionally that in a corrupt organization we can stumble across one or two people who are behind most of the unethical behavior. In this paper, we will be discussing some key topics in the ethical arena such as issue clarification; stakeholder analysis, addressing objections, values identification, issue resolution, and resolution implementation. As you read this paper you'll find facts and figures on what troubles corruption can cause and the many facets that surround it but also keep in mind that ethics is an issue that runs deeper than something you can read on paper or in pixels; to find true ethics we need to look within.Defining CorruptionOne of the biggest problems in corporate ethics is determining the definition of corruption. There are two dominant perspectives from which corruption can be defined. The first definition is from a legalistic perspective. This set of beliefs concentrates on the legal framework that determines whether an action is considered unethical or corrupt. The objective of this definition is to deter acts of corruption by imposing sanctions and fines. The second dominate definition takes into consideration the public inters. Corruption is behavior that harms the public interest or betrays the public trust that corporations have a moral duty to uphold. When an individual considers corruption, it is important to understand that corruption does not just apply to a single character. The corrupt individual alone cannot wreak havoc of monumental magnitude unless they find themselves within a corrupt environment where they can fulfill their devious intentions. Thus, in the professional world, an individual's corruption can only be realized when the corporation is flawed. It is the faulty machinery of a defunct organization that allows corruption to fester and grow. Throughout history, there have been several instances in which a corrupt institution has acted in illegal and unethical ways. More often than not, the interest of its employees and investors were jeopardized.Corruption among institutions is a phenomenon that will hold value well into the near future. When a corporation becomes corrupt, the chain of command becomes a hierarchy of deception and greed. Corporate executives always want to gain more prestige and control. To do this they must implement guidelines they hope will generate profit. When these ethical methods are unsuccessful, corruption and fraud become more powerful.In the case of the Houston, Texas energy giant Enron, the norm was not sufficient. United States Senator Byron Dorgan said, "This is almost a culture of corporate corruption here. There are far too many aspects and perspectives to this...

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