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2.BUSINESS OBJECTIVES AND FUNCTIONS7. Mission statementsA Mission Statement is simply a way of converting aims into a written document, to be released by the company, which sets out the objectives of the business and the organisation. Its dictionary definition is "a statement of the firms overall reason for its existence"For a strong Missions Statement, it is necessary to link each of the four elements of the mission model so they reinforce each other.Mission Statements are often supported by a set of objectives.They are mostly agreed by all staff, and periodically reviewed.They can be used as a framework against which, proposed new developments and initiatives are assessed, also as the foundation for departments within businesses` teaching and training objectives.The Boots Mission StatementThe Boots Company intends to become the leader in well-being products and services in the UK and overseas. This will be achieved through a major programme of change to a more integrated and focused company supported by the power and values of the Boots brand.Our commitment to managing for value remains unchanged - to maximise the values of the company for shareholders and generate superior long-term returns.While vigorously pursuing our commercial interests, we will always work to enhance our reputation as well as a managed, ethical and socially responsible company.8. Business AimA Business Aim is a specific target set by a business. They have to be possible to achieve over a set period of time. Mostly, these aims will include achievement targets to allow the business to make sufficient profits, whilst pleasing and assisting their customers in as many ways as possible. Business aims express the long-term intentions of an organisation, and how they are aiming to develop. They also create a common vision for everyone within the organisation to work towards.The Boots aim is as follows:"We're heading towards our goal with renewed energy and ambition, stepping-up investment to drive sustainable top-line growth and-as ever-working to enhance our reputation as a well managed, ethical and socially responsible company"This aim from Boots plc is very vague. It does not have a specific aim, as other businesses do.Here is a list of some general business aims:*Making a profit*Increasing sales or market share.*Surviving.*Selling services.*Offering charitable or non-profit services, such as caring for the environment.*Developing staff skills.*Producing high-quality products or high-quality service.Business aims are important because it gives companies clear aims, and provides the staff with increased motivation.9. ObjectivesBusiness objectives are quantifiable targets set by the manager or business owner which helps to coordinate activities and let other people in the business know what they are working towards, which affects their business in a positive way. Objectives also assist in deciding on methods for things such as encouragement for staff and problem solving, and can...

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670 words - 3 pages . She'll be eleven this Thursday, and she still amazes me every single day, not only with her physical beauty, but also with her gracious, caring heart. She has turned into such a lovely, talented young lady who is so mature and selfless for someone so young. Each time I look at her I'm dazzled by her child-like glamour. But today, my mind keeps wondering back to an earlier time - a time when I thought there couldn't possibly be a child comparable to her. Then thoughtfully, as I close the treasured book once more, I realized that in my unbiased search for such a child, my second daughter was born - but that's another story.

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442 words - 2 pages 1. What are some drawbacks to and dangers of social networking? List at least five with an explanation of each. (10 points) Some drawbacks and dangers of social networking are, (1) the decrease of face to face communication, this can hurt someone by making social interactions awkward because of the dependence to convey a message through a keyboard. (2) Some of your important information can be stolen that could hurt you like Identity Theft. (3

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