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1.1 Overview
The Final Year Project (FYP) was decided based on the field I would like to be in once I have completed the degree that I am studying. As I am a Secure and Forensic Computing student, I have chosen the subject of Hard Disk Drive versus Solid State Drives – A Forensic Focus in particular so that I can become a specialist in analysing these devices. The field of forensic computing is interesting to me because before starting my course I was unaware of the data that can be retrieved from any drive that has memory, believing that once I delete something from the drive, it is completely gone which I now know is not the case.Not only have I chosen this topic because it interests me, ...view middle of the document...

I have considered that the target audience for this report will be aimed at forensic practitioners who are involved in forensically analysing drives as their day-to-day jobs, forensic companies that provide data retrieval services and to students who are new to digital forensics that are wanting to gain some knowledge on the two main digital storage devices currently on the market. I would like for this report to be useful to the reader, for them to gain knowledge from a forensic point of view, hardware point of view and a software point of view, as each of these will be covered when I investigate both drives.
1.2. Aim
The aim of this research is to analyse the difference between solid state drives and hard drives while focusing on the physical components, read/ writes of data, data storage and data retrieval.
1.3. Research Objectives
The objectives of this research include:
• To develop an understanding between the two types of data drives
• To examine the difference between SSDs and Hard Drives
• To investigate the reason of difficulty of examining data from a solid-state drive (SSD)
• To analyse the difference between solid state drives and hard drives while focusing on the physical components, read/ writes of data, data storage and data retrieval
1.3. Rationale of the study
Although terms like "disk" are regularly used to refer to the rectangular box containing data and installed in PC or laptop; in this article words like "hard" and "harddrive" will be used to refer correctly to the "plate" and "case" (respectively) differentially because each has different characteristics and dimensions).

The plate (hard drive) is the component of magnetic material that allows the recording of the data. this device has a diameter (in inches) whose dimension is used bymanufacturers of personal computers, laptops or other devices to indicate the physical size of the hard drive that put him).
However, the hard drive itself does not have the ability to record, or delete data; for this it requires other mechanical and electronic elements that are engaged together in a case which is referred to as hard drive. Obviously this rectangular box has other dimensions, it is also necessary to know when making the replacement of these units (especially since the space allocated for this device in computer is well defined and there are different height units).
Recently the use of solid-state drive is being popularized, which is nothing more than replacing the hard drive of the mechanical elements such as plates, engine and arms read / write electronic memories, with considerably reduced height, weight and power consumption of the unit.
At the same time it is proliferating the use of solid state hybrid drive that combines in the same housing technologies HDD and SSD in a single component providing the benefits of volume and speed respectively. Therefore, this study aims to help the potential users who are looking to go into this field, forensic companies that provide...

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