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Business Development Paper

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Business Development PaperIntroduction"An essential element in the operations and management of every business today is information." (Nickerson, p.8). Based on the fact that organizations rely on computer information and technology to function, it is imperative that organizations have a business development plan and cycle to conduct this business. Employees and organizations in general, seek to gather, utilize, analyze, and obtain information quickly and conveniently. In the fast pace environment of the business world today, information technology is a necessity. Business requirements are described for ABC Corporation.Basic DefinitionsBusiness Statement comprehend1. Devise a method to get each computer in the organization running on the same operating system but not exceed a specified budget to accomplish it. This would help during technical support and allowing upgrades to be downloaded from the network. ABC Corporation researched found three operating systems presently running on the computers in the business-Windows 98, Me and Windows NT. Should ABC switch over to an entirely new OS (Windows XP Professional Edition) or decide on one of the existing OS and bring everyone online with that one? This would also entail making sure the servers are converted to the same OS, which would make maintaining the servers and archiving and transferring files more productive.Business Requirements DefinitionOperating system requirementsEvery application running only requires Window 98 OS, but in order to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2003-which is mandated to start in the next few months- ABC needs to run at least Windows XP. It is the latest OS on the market and until Microsoft releases another one, the system will be totally upgraded. The new servers will be upgraded to either the Windows Server 2003 or the Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers. Windows 2003 or XP should be operated on those servers.Departmental upgrade requirementsThe departments and hierarchical levels that would require upgrading first would include the following:*IS/Technical Support departments*Human Resources*Management and above*Customer Service*Accounting and PayrollThe remainder of the departments can upgrade one by one until all departments have been upgraded.Database requirementsThe current databases for every department will remain in the custody of ABC. Upgrading to the new OS will ensure that the database software has all new updates and security features.Networking and archiving requirementsOnce the new operating system is installed the IT department will start archiving and transferring the critical files by department to the secure servers and password protecting all sensitive files.The OrganizationThe ABC Company started out small 15 years ago, in a small abandoned building. Its first endeavor was designing and printing cards for special occasions. Over the years, it has grown from special occasions and holidays to all types of specialty cards, and...

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