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Business Environment Analysis For A Tomato Company

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Plan of approach and profile outlineThe report approaches to the business by expressing the basic profile and the structure of the business. It will try to clarity the whole business environment of the business and its target group. In order to make it more clearly, firstly the profile of the business will be discussed.Profile:1.The company:The official name for the company is "tasty Tom" which is a combination of four greenhouses that produce crops. The major greenhouse of the business is located in the outskirt of Delft, while the other three locate nearby as well. The business also has warehouse nearby to keep the goods. The ownership of the business is solo proprietor. The manager himself acts as the owner of the company, and he invested the money to run the business and to monitor the business. He has to make daily decisions about how the organization should work. Communications with the clients and partners are also crucial daily activities to the business manager. The business 13-15 staffs on average, during the rush season, there are up to 20 staffs in the business.2.The product:Generally speaking, the main products of the business are tomatoes, to be more concrete, we can say they are packs of tomatoes normally with 8 inside each. Average weights of the products are 40-45 grams. The tomato is firm and has an excellent shelf-life. The taste can be described as sweet with spicy, aromatic flavor. The company delivers the goods by trucks of their own to the customers. However due to the limitation of the size of the company, it cooperate with other logistic company as well. Because the tomatoes have a certain life span, the delivery of the goods is really important for the company.3. The target group:The target group of the business is individuals who shop tomatoes geographically, in supermarket and fair. Since tomatoes are suitable for everyone, the target group may cover people from all classes. These customers can be appealed by fresh tasty and new flavor of the products which is also the unique character of the tomatoes. In essence, the most important thing to the customers when they choose the tomatoes is quality, so they have to concentrate on their quality not only on quantity.4.The feature of the businessThe business is a debt free business which means the owner doesn't draw any loans from banks. He himself put the capital into the company and gains the return by its profit. Though the company is a labor biased organization (it requires mainly manual work, and nearly all the pick-up and growing are done by hands.), high-tech mechanism is also needed for the business such as sometimes they need specialists to help them killing all the insects from the crops, sometimes they need specialists to help them to improve the taste of the products. The nutrition for the tomatoes relies on technology because it is a soil free cultivation. The manager is the owner of the business he makes the daily decision for the business and he also plans the...

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