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Business Environment Analysis Hsbc Of Uk Vs Ubl Of Pakistan

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Introduction:This Macro Business environment analysis is prepared for HSBC UK and for UBL of Pakistan. The analysis concentrates on a comparative statement of the different environment both organisations compete in.HSBC is the market leader in UK with market capitalization US$172 billion at 31 December 2003, while UBL is the second largest bank in Pakistan assets of over Pak Rs. 190 billion. HSBC is established in 79 countries with 9500 branches of the world while UBL operates mainly with in Pakistan with 1100 local and only 11 international branches. (,( analysis of macro and competitive factors revealed a number of threats and opportunities for both bank and we have found that UBL is operating is more vulnerable market.HSBC's operational efficiencies, internationally proves strength with strong financial position in international market and other competitive advantages provide it with a very strong position to further improve their financial performance to achieve their strategic goals.Effects of External EnvironmentEconomic Factors Affecting HSBC & UBLCurrent Economic Indicators of UK& PakistanPer AnnumEconomic Indicator UK(2004) Pakistan(2003)GDP 2.7% 5.1%Inflation 1.2% 3.9%Balance of Payments current account - BoP (£ billion) -5.2%GDP per capita 25000$US 2000$USUnemployment 4.8% 7.8%Wages/Earnings 4.6%Interest Rate 4.0% App 7.0% AppBritish pound 1 British Pound=1.8 US$ 1 PKR. = 0.017US$* Source: National Bureau of Statistics UK & Yahoo Finance & CIA world fact-book"The two most studied economic problems in banking are interest rates and exchange rates, which are important to our large corporate (company) customers." (Geoffrey Lipscombe, 1994 P5) "If the inflation rise, the government may increase interest rates to curtail the excess domestic demand. This increase in interest rates often attracts foreign investors, who buy the currency, for short-term investment, and thus increase exchange rate." (Geoffrey Lipscombe, 1994 P165)All above given economic indicators are related to each other directly or indirectly and affect the performance of HSBC and UBL. A more stable and lower interest rate, inflation and exchange rate, consistent GDP growth rate and more promising figure of unemployment in UK provides HSBC a better market ground to operate in comparable to UBL; the difference in their performance is an evident source of these factor's effects. (see appendix 1 for annual reports)UK, a leading trading power and financial centre, is one of the quartet of trillion dollar economies of Western Europe while Pakistan's economic prospects, although still marred by poor human development indicators, continued to improve in 2002 following unprecedented inflows of foreign assistance beginning in 2001. Foreign exchange reserves have grown to record levels, supported largely by fast growth in recorded worker remittances. Trade levels rebounded after a sharp decline in late 2001. The government has made...

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