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Prepare a Small Business along with a colleague.CONTENTSBUSINESS PLAN1.0 INTRODUCTION1.1 SALIENT FEATURES OF BUSINESS PLAN1.2 MISSION STATEMENT1.3 OBJECTIVES1.4 MARKETING AND SALES STRATEGY1.5 PROMOTERS1.6 ESTIMATED INCOME GAINED IN THE FIRST YEAR2.0 DECOR AND FURNITURE2.1 UNIFORMS3.0 EQUIPMENTS REQUIRED3.1 OTHER SERVICES4.0 STAFFING4.1 MANAGEMENT SUMMARY5.0 RENT FOR THE SHOP5.1 SALARY STRUCTURE6.0 FINANCIAL STATEMENT6.1 TRADING AND PROFIT & LOSS ACCOUNT6.2 BALANCE SHEET6.3 CASH FLOW STATEMENT6.4 FUND FLOW STATEMENT7.0 APPENDIX7.1 LIST OF APPROVALS7.2 MENU OF THE CAFÉ7.3 LIST OF DAILY INDENT SHEET8.0 CURRICULUM VITAEBUSINESS PLAN1.0 INTRODUCTION:Today people are willing to experiment and try out new eatery places, since there is so much scope in this business; two Hospitality Management Graduates have laid out a business plan for a "Dessert Café". The café will specializes in different varieties of desserts as well as savories, coffee, tea and cold beverages. The following are the salient features of this business plan.1.1 SALIENT FEATURES OF THE BUSINESS PLAN:The partners are aiming at setting up a dessert café, under the name of "Indulgence" at Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. The café will be situated in the heart of shopping street of Vashi. This area is chosen because it is crowded all throughout the day. This café would be catering to all the age groups, and also it would be one of its kinds, as it has no competitors in the suburb. It will mainly be attracting the youth, as it is a hangout place, where one can just come, relax and sip a cup of coffee along with the desserts and savories that the café offers. The café is mainly targeting the youth studying in the nearby colleges, like, the ICL College, Modern College, Sainath College, Father Agnel College and Andrews College. There are also a lot of schools situated in the nearby by vicinity. Most of the clientele expected are students. Therefore the entire décor, food and ambience are planned keeping these considerations into mind. Now days the standard of living has risen considerably, the expectation and the standards of eating out have also risen, so therefore there are more chances of such outlets running successfully. People want to try out new places and experiment with the various dinning concepts being brought in by the hoteliers and caterers.The shop obtained for the café will be leased at the Arenja Corner in sector 17, Vashi. The total area of the shop would be 4000sq.ft, which includes the kitchen (with the bakery and confectionery), the storeroom, the front area (where the cooling machine, tea and coffee vending machine will be placed), and the seating area for the guest. It will have a total seating capacity of 24 pax. The timings of the café would be from 11 am to 11pm.1.2 MISSION STATEMENTBeing one of its kinds, the café promises to serve fresh products to customers at any given time.1.3...

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2448 words - 10 pages from ruining whatwe so badly need?There are certain background checks that need to be processed. These are items that only a lawyer can truly help us with. The second area of concern is the lack of a decent time-line. Are we giving our team enough time to prepare for the opening of this facility? Timing is everything in today's business world even if it is a non-profit organization. We must follow the plan we have in place and continue to re

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6580 words - 26 pages Tail WaggersSmall Business Management - Spring 2003Table of ContentsIntroduction ....................................... 3Industry Trends ................................... 3Demographics / Target Market ................. 8Competition ...................................... 13Competitive Advantage ........................ 21Appendix - Bibliography ...................... 25Introduction:Tail Waggers is a group of dog-loving people who will provide

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4569 words - 18 pages Republican controlled Congress. This also effected business associations such as the Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers. They were unconvinced that additional government regulation was the right way to address the issue of work place injuries to American workers. Musculoskeletal injuries such as back injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome, account for a large portion of all serious injuries suffered by American workers. The

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1210 words - 5 pages When doing international business there are lots of things to consider. For instance the language of the other country can cause certain issues. It is impossible to do business if you cannot communicate. You should learn about the other countries social, culture, economics, legal, and political values. Social trends have to do with education, entertainment, population, and language. Culture deals with religion, employment, beliefs, informality

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1072 words - 4 pages Fifth Business EssayIn Robertson Davies' novel, "Fifth Business", through the lives of his main characters, Davies makes a comment on the idea of change. Davies through the characters of Percy Boyd Staunton, Paul Dempster, and of that of his main character Dunstable Ramsay, shows the progression of their changing identities to illustrate his idea of change. Davies makes it clear that he believes people can change their exterior persona, their

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1647 words - 7 pages In recent years, many companies have relaxed their dress or appearance codes with the belief that employees prefer lifestyles that are more casual. This new trend in office attire has produced a great deal of controversy in corporate America. Should employees dress casually in a business environment? Will casual dress codes reduce or improve productivity? Will companies attract and retain the right "type" of employees? Will the company image

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