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The Reluctant Security Guard
1. Relevant Facts
1.1. David Tuff was a security guard at the Blue Mountain Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
1.2 As part of his job training, it was necessary for him to get a security guard license, requiring him to obey the Security Officer’s Manual, which included the following statement: “If a serious accident or illegal behavior should occur on the premises of the licensee, it shall be the responsibility of the licensee to notify the appropriate police department immediately”.
1.3. Fourteen months after Tuff joined the company, Blue Mountain issued new rules of pro¬cedure, demanding the security guards "to order and escort intoxicated per¬sons, including ...view middle of the document...

Its violation could result in dismissal or in disciplinary procedures.
1.10. Blue Mountain’s Council members advised Hernandez to give Tuff an unspecified number of days for reflection
1.11. Three days later an article about the com¬pany's policies relying entirely on Tuff’s testimonial, appeared in the newspaper, with data based on Tuff’s nightly shift reports. The article also initiated an editorial on a local television station, highly criticizing the company.
1.12. Blue Mountain’s Council of Managers considered Tuffs revelations an unfor¬givable act of disloyalty and had him fired.
1.13. Tuff brought his case to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), whose members de¬termined that Blue Mountain was within its legal rights to fire him.
2. Problem / Issue
Was the Council of Managers of Blue Mountain morally justified to fire David Tuff because his revelations were "an unforgivable act of disloyalty" and he had violated the company policy by talking to the news media?
3. Moral Principles
3.1. Rationality
Rationality is the principle of adhering to the existent reality irrespective of one’s consciousness and thinking in accordance with the requirements of logic. One of the most important aspects of the virtue of rationality is respecting the law of causality; therefore we have a responsibility to consider the effects of a certain action before enacting the cause. It also means that one has to be able to base their decisions, beliefs and attitudes on facts rather than on wishes/emotions while evading and refusing to grasp logical inferences. In the decision making process, one should be aware of oneself and one’s characteristics and identify and investigate not only raw facts but also facts of reality not available to immediate sensory...

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