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ACADEMIC YEARFACULTY OF APPLIED ECONOMIC SCIENCESBusiness Ethics: Psychometric TestsUse of personality tests in recruitment proceduresTable of Contents1.Introduction31.1. Definition of properties of Psychometrics32.Properties of Psychometrics53.Response sets74.Tests84.1. Personality Tests84.2. Integrity Tests115.Intelligence115.1. IQ125.2. EQ136.Side Candidate157. New Trends178.Internet Multimedia179.The Greek Reality and Usage of Psychometric tests1810. Conclusion2011. Bibliography2121. IntroductionIn this research paper we are going to discuss the usage of personality tests in the recruitment procedure. We have included both a theoretical and a research approach. Firstly, our aim is to define these tests and their characteristics considering matters of validity and reliability. Afterwards, we will start an analysis of the personality tests, IQ tests and EQ tests. As our research goes on, we are going to evaluate the candidate profile and whether he or she perceives the whole procedure as fair or unfair. The whole paper is based on general information of psychometric tests. Further down we will also take a closer look at the recruitment procedure in the actual uncertain economic climate in Greece.For a company it is very important to have and maintain a good status of its employees and personnel, as this is a considerably good advantage for the companies' competitive status and success. Most managers do not actually pay so much attention to people as they give great focus on the actual business ideas. However, the world is changing rapidly and getting the right people for the right job is very vital. Therefore, companies over time have managed to create and establish several methods for improving the recruitment procedure and minimize the possibility of taking the wrong decisions; which at a point may seem very costly. A wide range of methods such as biographies (CV), interviews, Assessment Centres and psychological tests are in companies' availability so as to make the right decisions. The question however is which one is the most appropriate and to what extent companies should use them. This matter is what we are trying to tackle in this research report.Definition of properties of Psychometric testsAccording to Smith&Robertson (1993) psychometric tests 'are carefully selected, systematic and standardized procedures for the "recall" responses from participants to assess one or more psychological characteristics by comparing responses with those of the corresponding sample population.'Personality tests measure specific criterias, For each job there must besome personality characteristics, which ensure the successful performance of the job itself. Therefore, the aim of testing is to determine whether candidates possess these3characteristics or not. Clearly the features required are difficult to define and to measure accurately, so it is useful to combine selection methods with other tests, as will be discussed further down.The first...

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