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Business Ethics Surrounding Doctor Office Visits. More Than Half Of All Patients Spend At Least Twenty Minutes In The Waiting Room Before Seing The Doctor.

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During an average doctor visit, more than half of all patients spend at least twenty minutes in the waiting room and another fifteen minutes (or more) in the exam room before seeing the doctor. When waiting times are too long, some patients may expect the doctor to reimburse them for their time, or at the very least, not expect them to pay for the visit.For example a sales executive schedules a 2pm appointment with his doctor for a sore throat. He has a 4pm customer meeting that same afternoon to close a multi-million dollar deal. The sales executive knows that the customer is a stickler for punctuality, but since the customer's office is only a five-minute walk from his doctor's office, he is comfortable with the appointment time. The sales executive arrives twenty minutes late to his doctor appointment, pays his insurance co-payment, and is advised by the receptionist that his doctor is the only doctor available that day and therefore he is behind schedule. He waits in the doctor's office waiting room for seventy-five minutes. In the exam room, the sales executive checks the time on his cell phone and sees that he has waited another twenty minutes. His doctor arrives, examines him, and performs a throat culture. His doctor leaves and the sales executive waits in the exam room an additional twenty minutes for the results. His doctor returns with the negative results of the throat culture, and the sales executive asks the doctor to check his left shoulder, which has been bothering him. The doctor, aware that he is already behind schedule, spends another twenty minutes examining his shoulder and writes him a prescription for a mild painkiller. The sales executive leaves the doctor's office at 5pm. He calls the customer who, is aggravated, and tells the sales executive that their meeting will have to be re-scheduled, and that he is re-considering the deal. The sales executive considers billing the doctor's office for his lost time, believing the doctor is at fault for the missed appointment with his client.Though this scenario is extreme, it is not unusual. There are many factors that can influence doctor's office-waiting times. It is sometimes hard to estimate how much time a doctor will need with each patient. Often, patients can be seen in just a few minutes, but other patients may have complicated medical concerns that need to be addressed. Occasionally patients make an appointment for one problem, but also talk to the doctor about several other problems. Sometimes patients are late for appointments, and when one doctor in a practice is called away for an emergency, the remaining doctors need to pick up the workload. Once a doctor gets behind in his or her schedule, appointments can run late for much of the day. Patients may get angry and doctors may be overwhelmed or feel rushed. "Some doctors try to address the problem with more realistic scheduling and better management of patient relations. Some offices have computer terminals, fax...

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