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Business Etiquette Essay

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Business Etiquette

The Importance of Etiquette

Etiquette has always been an important part of life, be it social or business. However, it seems that business etiquette is has become more important in the last decade. This is mainly due to the fact that the business world is becoming more global and that “relationship selling” has become must for success. Etiquette is important for a variety of reasons. It helps to ease what might become and uneasy situation and can make or break business relationships that are worth millions of dollars. In essence, etiquette helps people to understand what is appropriate in any situation. It is also important to know the difference between business protocol and business etiquette. Business protocol determines what actions you take in a situation. Etiquette tells you how to take those actions. According to Ann Marie Sabath, there are a few guidelines that professionals should follow. Firstly, be proactive. Find ways to establish relationships with clients before they need to purchase something from you. Secondly, send a thank-you note. If someone is willing to give you 15 minutes of their time than they deserve a written thank-you. And thirdly, be a good sport. Even if you have been turned down by a client, thank them for giving consideration to your company (Bass, 2000).

The Effects of Social Etiquette on the Business World

The business world of the past encompasses a predominantly male environment with innate, discerned guidelines. Today, the business arena has changed with the civil rights movement and the entry of women into the workplace. The changes continue to evolve with other sociocultural issues. In order to be successful in the business world a masterization of business etiquette is imperative.

There is a sizeable difference between social etiquette and business etiquette. Social etiquette is primarily based on chivalry, which includes the concept of protecting women. Business etiquette, on the other hand, includes military origins based on hierarchy of power. This effects the behavior in the business world in as much as men and women are treated equally as peers. For example, if one should hold the door open for a woman, he/she should open a door for a man in the same situation. Regardless of gender doors are held open for superiors, clients, peers following close on one heels and anyone with inaccessible hands. For a situation, that embodies a revolving door one should precede first, in order to keep the door moving then wait on the other side. Basically the new Golden Rule should be applied in all situations; treat others, as they themselves would like to be treated.

How to Conduct Proper Introductions

Few people know how to conduct introductions in a proper fashion, yet they are an important aspect of our daily life. In the social realm, men are introduced to women. In the business realm, the less important person is introduced to the person of...

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