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Business Etiquette Guide Essay

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According to Bovée and Thill (2010), etiquette plays a key role in two types of teams: business and social. Business etiquette in teams revolves around personal appearance, individual grooming practices, a person’s smile, and telephone mannerisms. Concerning etiquette in teams and appearance, over or under dressing can create the wrong impressions and draw attention away from a person’s work abilities; proper business attire allows attention to focus on a person’s work ethic. Individual grooming practices are a part of team etiquette also, as good hygienic practices can create better team environments; however, heavy scented colognes and perfumes could create offensive team environments. A person’s smile can help promote an inviting team atmosphere, but giving insincere smiles can create team tensions. During telephone calls, a person’s personality, tone, decibel levels, and ringtones used act as forms of positive or negative team etiquette practices (Bovée & Thill, 2010).
Bovée and Thill (2010) noted social etiquette in team settings revolves around displaying confident shaking of hands to create a positive impression; however, a limp handshake can imply a number of negative characteristics. Other social forms of team etiquette would include a person briefly detailing their job at the company when introducing themselves and repeating names of introduced persons; these actions promote mutual respect and conversation longevity. During eating engagements, appropriate foods, serving alcoholic beverages towards the end of the meal, and beginning business discussions after the completion of main courses act as other forms of demonstrating team etiquette in a social setting. Other forms of etiquette used during social eating engagements include avoiding discussing religious and political topics, or any topic that may offend those attending; profanity, dark humor, and voicing problems with the company also represent actions to avoid. Making or receiving phone calls or text messages represents negative actions of etiquette during any team business-oriented meal meeting. Online etiquette, such as behavior on social websites, acts as another form of social etiquette that can affect a person’s job negatively (Bovée & Thill, 2010).
10-Step Etiquette Guide for a Business Team:
Step 1: Nonverbal Cues
According to Wagner (2012), nonverbal communication remains as essential to maintaining positive communication during team meetings as using good posture and giving eye contact when speaking to and listening to teammates. Preventing nonverbal negative cues such as crossing your arms also remains important in a business team; these actions could give the perception of an unapproachable team member (Wagner, 2012).
Step 2: Punctuality
Wagner (2012) noted if members do not show up or arrive late to team meetings, achieving good teamwork becomes difficult; arriving early to team meetings demonstrates a member’s commitment to the team’s success. Not only does...

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