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2002 saw an unprecedented number of corporate scandals. In many ways, Tyco is just another case of a failed corporate watch dogging that cause, accounting abuses, and outright greed. Arthur J. Rosenburg Ph.D. Founded in 1960 TYCO which got its start through U.S. government research contracts. In 1962, the laboratory was incorporated and changed the direction of the corporation to commercial applications. In 1964, Tyco went public and grew over the years through the acquisition of many companies. A name change to Tyco laboratories and their first acquisition of Mule Battery Products was in 1965. Other key companies bought during the 1970s and 1980s were Simplex Technologies who manufactured undersea fiber optic cable, Grinelle Fire Protection Systems to with fire sprinkler systems and contracts, and Allied Tube and Conduit for steel pipe and related tubular products manufacturing. The 1990s brought additional companies in Wormald International Ltd., Watts Waterworks, Keystone, Wells Fargo Alarm, and Raychem, among others. Tyco Laboratories changed names in 1993 to Tyco International to reflect their diverse expansion and global presence. In 1997, the merger with ADT truely helped establish Tyco as a large conglomerate. The successful growth of Tyco can be credited to Rosenburg and his aggressive management. Tyco continued the aggressive acquisition of more companies from 2000 through 2008. Tyco moved their corporation from Massachusetts to Bermuda and eventually to Switzerland. In 2006, the Tyco Board of Directors agreed upon a plan to split the company into three separate, publicly traded companies; Tyco Healthcare (now known as Covidien), Tyco Electronics and Tyco International. Tyco has different operations in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America and are established in over 60 countries worldwide. (Tyco, 2009)Creating an organizational structure that supports ethical behavior is a must for the success of all companies. The additional need for enforcing ethical compliance standards is demonstrated by large corporate failures even with policies in place. Enron was a company that had established a code of ethics, yet still suffered financial devastation from unethical behavior and corporate misconduct. Insufficient systems to monitor the organization's compliance to ethical standards can have disastrous consequences.Tyco neglected to establish preventive and corrective control procedures for effective corporate governance in their overall business plan. Misconduct and greed at the corporate level eventually resulted in destructive consequences for the company. The organizational structure at Tyco did not have a system of proactive compliance review and that enabled the corporate level scandals to proceed without being noticed. The proper implementation of preventive and compliance policies would likely have alerted the misconduct much sooner. This certainly would have tempered the public outrage and allowed a more expedient recovery of...

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966 words - 4 pages Examining Business Failure Organizational behavior is a key factor in determining how an organization becomes effective in undertaking its tasks. The behavior should be one that is accepted by both the management and their subjects. This helps avoid the frequent conflicts of interest that are likely to be experienced in the work place. It also helps maintain the code of ethics that might have been set up by the management of the

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1023 words - 4 pages University of PhoenixOrganizational LeadershipLDR/531February 15, 2010Organizations today must stay in focus in order to stay competitive and successful. There are times when an organization fails due to various reasoning's. Today's paper will focus on examining a business failure. The business of discussion in this paper will be WorldCom. Organizational behavior theories will be discussed. Also there will be a discussion on what role did

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1122 words - 4 pages failure of Enron's business principles.ReferencesGudinkunst, A. (2002). Enron- A study of failures Who, How, and Why? The Faculty Network. Retrieved January 15, 2010 from, K. (2002). Lessons from the Enron Scandal. Retrieved January 17, 2010, from, M. (November 2007). The Law of

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1087 words - 4 pages and leadership issues can be attributed to the failure of this venture. The following will identify the management and leadership failures which led to the DHL failure, as well as how these failures could have been predicted. In addition, the following will also show how proper organizational behavior of management and leadership could have impacted the structure of DHL in a positive manner (Ewing 2008).DHL, controlled since 2003 by the privatized

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1147 words - 5 pages , seeds, and the diamonds, highlight Willy’s failure in a successful society. The wire recorder shows Willy’s failure to succeed in the business world. The seeds symbolize Willy’s failure to raise his sons, with proper moral and values. And lastly, the diamonds symbolize Willy’s failure to obtain wealth for his family. All three symbolize Willy’s failure in different aspects of his life. Everything that Willy ever thought was distant from reality and lived in a fantasy of illusions. Hence, Willy was a man who lacked success till the end of his life.

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2031 words - 9 pages technology? Even though software failures are a regular occurrence, it is obvious it is not going to slow down anytime soon. As software projects are getting bigger and bigger in size, they become more complex, involving more risk. Thus if not planned out well it can end in catastrophic failure; with business’ lining up to file for bankruptcy. The problem of software failure has around since the early days of the computing revolution and will always

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Business Failure Essay

964 words - 4 pages capital funds and hoped to cover up any risk to new backers. With the new accounting process in place it became necessary to continue the scam year after year. Regardless of the cover up, the executives of the company wanted to move forward (Time).Failure of leadership:During the years leading up to the demise of Enron the authority of the corporation did not implement their responsibilities. The committee over seeing the auditing of the financial

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921 words - 4 pages leadership of the management team would have effected the configuration of the now disgraced company. (, 2009)Enron's Failure as a CompanyThe team of executives at Enron wanted to establish a company that would raise funds for the shareholders. In spite of this, the discovery of lower stock prices made the team take aggressive measures towards their accounting methods. In order to make the companies shares more pleasing, the team of executives