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Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityAntai College of Economics and ManagementCase study: Capital budgetfor Pressco. IncTeam: Jian Feiyi 1091209040Zhang Yangyi 1091209041Shi Yan  1091209053Ge Mengfei 1091209051Tong Xuemin 1091209031March 2010AbstractMs. Rogers, a marketing representative for Pressco, Inc., spares no effort to persuade its potential customers like Paperco to sign a binding contracts of purchasing new mechanical drying equipment. In view of the uncertainty about whether a rumored new tax legislation will come into effect or not, company like Paperco must examine the net present value of the old facility and new purchasing (with ITC earned or not) respectively in order to decide if it's worth investing. In this paper, net present value of new facility under both existing and rumored tax legislation are calculated, as well as the expected cost savings for Paperco. On this basis, we are trying to make some suggestions on the standpoint of Pressco and its counterparts with the help of sensitivity analysis method, and finally our takeaways.Keywords: Cash Flow, Net Present Value, Investment Tax Credit(ITC)Content41.1 Parties related 41.2 Investment tax credit (ITC) 51.3 Rumored tax legislation 52. Financial analysis 62.1 NPV for equipment replacement without tax change 72.2 NPV for equipment replacement under new tax legislation 82.3 NPV for equipment replacement without ITC 93. Dynamic financial analysis 103.1 floating cost saving 123.2 floating price the equipment investment 153.3 Adjusted discount rate 164. Conclusions and suggestions 164.1 Conclusions 174.2 Suggestions for both parties 175. Takeaways Investment backgroundParties relatedPresso. Inc: a company in the line of mechanical drying equipmentPaperco: a potential customer of Pressco. Inc.Jane Rogers: a marketing representative for PresscoIn the year 1984, Jane Rogers used to persuade Paperco's management to purchase this new mechanical drying equipment, but it turned out to be unsuccessful because the customer viewed the proposed investment as moderately attractive but easily postponable at little cost to Paperco.In the year 1985, Jane Rogers decided to persuade Paperco's management again with her well-prepared financial presentation, which was designed to help close the sale of the new equipment. In her presentation, she gave the expected price of the new equipment of $2.9 million, and also pointed out that the cost saving that Paperco would realize from the proposed new equipment amounted to $560,000 per year. Of this amount, $360,000 in saving was expected from more efficient fuel utilization.Investment tax credit (ITC)According to the Internal Revenue Service(IRS), a credit against tax was given to investments in certain depreciable property. The amount of investment tax credit(ITC) is different based on the depreciable life of the property, as well as the date of the property placement.According to the detailed ITC rate instructions, the old equipment in Pressco...

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Corporate Finance Essay

3426 words - 14 pages ASSIGNMENT OF CORPORATE FINANCE - BMCF5103FINANCIAL ANALYSIS AND VALUATIONCASE STUDY OF FPT CORPORATION IN VIETNAMName in full: LE VAN PHANStudent ID: 244 9529Class: OUMMBA0912- Class 2DSubject: Corporate FinanceInstructor: Dr. Cao Minh Man1. IntroductionA big concern for any investors is how to make the optimum decision. The adequate consideration between cost- the price to pay and benefit- the value get in return is the key for any wise

The Corporate Finance Field Essay

687 words - 3 pages It is commonly known in society that earning money takes effort and hard work. The profession of Corporate Finance follows this theory. It takes enormous amounts of time and determination to be successful in this field. ¬The idea of becoming a businessman may seem as if you will just become another fat, obnoxious person, but that is all just a stereotype. There are many successful businessmen who are neither fat nor obnoxious such as Warren

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2038 words - 8 pages . Brealey, R., Myers, S. & Marcus, A., 2009. Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. 6th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Collins, D. & Bruce J. W., 2008. Financial Reporting and Analysis. 3rd ed. New York: McGraw/Hill. Damodaran, A., 2010. Applied Corporate Finance. 3rd ed. Colorado: Wiley. Dayananda D., 2002. Capital Budgeting: Financial Appraisal of Investment Projects. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Holmes, G., Sugden, A. & Gee

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1284 words - 6 pages 1.0 Introduction Finance is a mixture of both economics and accounting. Finance is generally concerned with three main areas which are corporate finance, capital markets and investments. Corporate finance or financial management is related to decisions made by a company which involves what and how much assets should a company attain and secured to maintain the optimum level of performance and maximize the asset's value. Capital Markets refers

Corporate Finance

1229 words - 5 pages . They manage the issuance of bonds, recommend and execute strategies for taking over and merging with other companies, and handle selling a company's stock to the public. The work thus involves lots of financial analysis, and a strong background in finance and economics is a necessity. (Princetonreview, 07) Dealers facilitate trade by matching buyers with sellers of assets; they do not engage in asset transformation. However they can and does

Corporate Finance

976 words - 4 pages Statement. Hence, there is a need to modify the existing accounting and financial reporting system so that a business unit is able to give importance to judge its performance by indicating the value or wealth created by it. As concluded by Meek and Gray (1988), "as a supplemental disclosure, value added statement can redirect attention to certain wider implications of corporate activity" (p. 81).The financial statement of a firm tells a financial story

corporate finance and literature review - corp2017 - research paper

1079 words - 5 pages and finance discussed Mallin 2013 · CG = area that has grown rapidly in the last decade since colllapse of Enron in 2001 · also the subsequent financial problems of other companies in various countries Vinten 2001 · CG = not a fledging issue in either economies of UK and USA · may be dated to when incorporation with limited liability became available in nineteenth century with need for legislation and regulation Rise of corporate governance linked

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3578 words - 14 pages Question: Universal Manufacturing Technology Limited’s CEO has decided to purchase a few machineries to improve the company’s operations. However, he is uncertain how to evaluate the machineries. He has asked your advice on the various techniques to evaluate the investment. Discuss the several methods of investment appraisal techniques considering the methods using time value of money and not using time value of money. Beside the above, the


2184 words - 9 pages 2018 [Type the company name] Mason Kosani [Agency costs, corporate governance mechanisms andownership structure in large UK publicly quoted companies: A panel data analysis] By: Phillip J. McKnight and Charlie Weir Introduction and Background The objective of the article is to evaluate the influence of corporate governance processes and ownership variables on agency costs. The process is conducted through panel data analysis for large UK

Case Solution of Horniman Horticulture. Case Studies in Finance - Managing for Corporate Value Creation by Bruner, Robert F, - 5th Edition, McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2003

5202 words - 21 pages the industry which, on average, is experiencing revenue retraction. With a slight improvement in credit terms for its "small nursery" customers, HH experienced a notable increase in business. Furthermore, Bob sees future demand pushing revenue growth to 30% in 2006. Maggie Horniman is the head of finance at HH. HH has not used any outside financing to date. Maggie stated she avoids debt financing and uses a strict payables policy in

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566 words - 2 pages area of Finance, however three of the main position areas are: Banking, Insurance, and Securities and Commodities. Other areas include: Real Estate, Corporate Financial Management, Risk Management, Personal Financial Planning, and Marketing. These are some general areas where career opportunities can be found with a degree in Finance. Many positions in Finance deal with funds and cost analysis, investments, and the formulating of credit. More

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Corporate Finance Essay

1048 words - 4 pages CHAPTER 5 CONCLUSION AND POLICY IMPLICATIONS 5.1 Conclusion According to the conventional corporate finance literature, in a perfect capital market, the financing decisions of firms should be irrelevant. The main implication of such theory is that given that there are no perfect capital markets, the financing decisions of firms do matter and should have significant consequences on the performance of these firms. There were two major

Corporate Finance Essay

1605 words - 6 pages Why is corporate finance important to all managers? Corporate finance is a specific area of finance dealing with the financial decisions corporations make and the tools as well as analyses used to make these decisions. The primary goal of corporate finance is to enhance corporate value, without taking excessive financial risks. A corporation's management's primary responsibility is to maximize the shareholder's wealth which translates to

Corporate Finance Essay 1952 Words

1952 words - 8 pages investment decisions.Real-options analysis is one of the most important ideas of applied corporate finance to be developed in the last 30 years. Real-options analysis gives management the flexibility to address uncertainties, as they're resolved. Conventional capital budgeting fails to account for this flexibility and, moreover, fails to integrate strategic planning. But the real-options methodology goes beyond a simple view of valuation and more

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1889 words - 8 pages Running head: CORPORATE FINANCE PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 CORPORATE FINANCE PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 10 NameCorporate FinanceDateCorporate FinanceGeneral background of the FirmThe formation of Tatts group Limited (TTS) can date back to 1881 when George Adams started it. During that time, it was called Tattersall. Since its formation, the firm has experienced continuous growths in profits making it a monopoly. The company involves a portfolio of