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Business Fundamental Week 9 Discussion Snhu/ Business Fundamentals Discussion Post

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Katerin Romero
Business Fundamentals
Week 9 Discussion Board
October 6, 2016
Amongst many of the benefits the company offers such as retirement pension benefits,
post-retirement health and welfare benefits that helps the employee be setup for success once
they are no longer working, one that I wanted to highlight was stock. Under the long-term debt
section of the annual report, I wanted to discuss JC Penney’s stock awards to employees.
Not many companies provide benefits to their employees and to allow them to feel part of
the company through stock is a smart move from the management team. Ensuring that the
employee receives stock throughout their employment time will ensure that the employee will be
invested in ensuring the company is successful considering they will be owning stocks that
results from that success. Having non-vested stock is also a way that the company can ensure
their employees will stay long term in order to see their stocks vest. Companies that offer non-
vested stock has different time frames to allow each stock (or dollar amount) to vest. In the JC
Penny annual report it shows that JC Penney has a two year vesting period. Offering stock also
shows the commitment the company has in its employees. The success of a business starts with
its core, which is its people. If the employees are happy with the benefits offered it can be
expected for them to be more positive in their workplace which ultimately can have a positive
impact on its customers. The best promoter of a brand is the one selling it, if the employee
believes in the success of the company then they will ensure it continues to be an inviting place
for customers. If the internal customer (employees) are taken care of and are being treated well,
they will create a positive environment to the...

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