Business Impact Analysis

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Business impact analysis is the process of systematically addressing all of the risks associated with a solution and identifying if it actually worked. Many formulas exist, designed to show what factors are included when compiling an analysis. The simple formula of multiplying threats by your asset and dividing that total by mitigating factors represents an impact analysis. Threats are those instances that cause an operational or financial strain on your organization. These occurrences are the cause of limited operations during business hours or no operations at all and computed in time. Assets are defined as many elements, but are primarily composed of “physical assets (equipment, material, ...view middle of the document...

Holidays also play a part on certain influxes. What is not accounted for is the number of possible consumers for a day. This type of evidence is vital to operations because you can appropriate employees accordingly based on tracked historical trends. (Damoense, M. Y., & Agbola). The threat in this situation is the person-hours potentially lost based on having too many employees and not enough work. The inverse is also important as you could have a small number of employees with a lot of business and then customer satisfaction suffers, driving profits down. All the equipment owned as well as the facility are considered assets in this situation. Potential revenue is also included in this figure. Without changing anything, there would be no mitigating factors so an analysis would concur that nothing obviously changed.
Active Impact on Future Operations
As noted previously, the threats and assets do not change. There is the same latent problem of losing person-hours based on not appropriating for business that day. This causes lost revenue either paid to the employee or not paid by the potential customer. The difference between the idle impact and active impact is that the mitigating factor changes the analysis figures. The solution would be to be able to track usage of the facility and correlate that to semi-public deployment schedules. Knowing how much of the base is gone at any given point in time can help...

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