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Business In Argentina Essay

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Argentina is a gorgeous tropical country that is found in the southern part of South America. It is home to twenty-three remote areas and is the second biggest country in South America with a population of roughly forty-two million people. Argentina comes from the Latin word “silver,” argentum because silver is the metal that lured the Spanish pioneers there in the 1500’s. Even though silver is the motivation that led these pioneers to discover Argentina, they were unable to find silver. They did however, find rich soils that made them tons of money from the production of cattle and grains. Argentina is now the second leading country in South America with signs of societies living there ...view middle of the document...

Other languages are also Italian, German, English and French. Ninety-seven percent of Argentinians are white, mainly Spanish and Italian and the remaining three percent are non-white individuals such as Amerindian and Mestizo. Just about ninety-seven percent of Argentina’s residents are home to the European decent, 1.5 percent are Amerindian, and 0.2 percent is Asian and 1.5 percent being Mestizo.
Argentines are open, straight and direct but stay considerate and discreet. They are also physical conversationalists, so they frequently touch each other during a conversation and also keeps a narrow space between the speakers while talking. Over 2,890,151 individuals live in Buenos Aires with over eleven million when including adjoining outskirts. Sixty percent of Argentinians possess their personal homes and when their family matures, they usually construct add-ons to their home instead of moving out and looking for a larger home.
Argentina has many firsts; they were the first country to use fingerprinting as a way of documentation to verify if someone was guilty of a crime. Argentina is also acknowledged for a man named Quirino Cristiani for creating the first animated motion picture in 1917 called El Apostol, which was a seventy minute picture of fifty-eight thousand frames presenting the exploitation and corruption that was widespread in Buenos Aires. They were also the first country to have radio broadcasting in 1920 but only roughly twenty individuals had a radio.
Argentina also has some unique ways to celebrate traditions. When Argentine children lose a baby tooth, they put that tooth underneath their pillow at bed time like Americans but instead of a tooth fairy, a tiny mouse called El Raton Perez comes at night to take the tooth and put some coins in its place. Also, in Argentina just before midnight on January first they run through the streets to have a good time with fellow citizens while the kids light fireworks to bring in the New Year. Additionally, while Americans devote February 14th to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved ones, Argentinians rejoice on July 20th for Friend’s Day by going out with friends, getting together and giving out cards and presents. For this event, they must make plans in advance to go out anyplace to celebrate. They also will send text messages and make phone calls to their friends which typically lead to short-term failure of the cellphone networks.
Another unique thing they do is, adults and children go home every single day just after they have lunch to partake in a siesta which is a small catnap. For this, companies and schools shut down so the whole country can relax and a few hotels will also rent rooms just for this siesta. Argentina is notorious for their passion for dance, primarily the Tango. The Latin dance called The Tango initiated in the slaughterhouse region of Buenos Aires near the end of the nineteenth century. They are also very popular for their devotion for the sport of soccer. In...

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