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Business In Organistion: Nomothetic Approach Essay

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Psychologists have often tried to identify the characteristics of human behaviour in different environmental settings, and measure differences between individuals. A numerous number of tests and theories have been derived and developed in context to the identity and personality of individuals. However not all of them prove to be useful in relation to work organisations, and therefore often conflict with each other. This essay broadly looks at the concept of personality, primarily referring to the nomothetic approach and its use in the work organisation.The nomothetic approach was derived by Hans Jurgen Eysenck. Eysenck sought to identify trait clusters. A trait is a relative stable attribute or quality of an individual's personality, influencing behaviour in a particular direction. A personality trait on the other hand, is any enduring behaviour that occurs in a variety of settings. For example, shyness, excitability, reliability and moodiness. Nomothetic approach to the study of personality emphasises the identification of traits. It looks for systematic relationships between different aspects of personality. (Andrzej A. Huczynski & David A Buchanan, 2007). This approach assumes that your unique personality can be measured and compared with others on the same dimensions. For example, when the manger in a certain organisation is trying to identify which of the applicants are suitable for sales and marketing, apart from their personal achievements and qualifications, he can use the nomothetic approach which will help him get a more in-depth insight on the different personality traits that the applicants possess.One of the main traits proposed by the nomothetic approach is the big five theory. In an increasingly competitive business environment, organizations are seeking to find the key factors that will help them to get ahead of their competitors. One of these factors is how group work can be improved by determining the most essential traits of individual group members. The first of the big five personality trait is agreeableness. This attribute basically determines how well an individual gets along with others. While it is always good to agree with people just as much as it is not so favourable to often disagree, it really needs to be balanced. In the work environment, agreeing with people most of the time means that the individual tends to be accommodating. Yet, people can take that for granted. While this trait is being analyzed in the work environment, we have to remember that the employees are also humans, and what happens in the work environment usually happens in one's personal life. Always agreeing can also mean that the individual is submissive, and may do this at a time where assertiveness or conflict is necessary. Hence having the agreeableness trait must come along with analytical skills, so if and when an organizational decision that needs to be made, deciding not to agree may just be the option for the benefit of the business.The...

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